Fall Decor on a Dime

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I absolutely love the fall season! And I love decorating for fall almost as much as I love decorating for Christmas.  As I shop I see so many cute finds at great prices.  There’s so many great deals out there that there’s really no good reason not to decorate for the season.  Today I’m going to show off some of my fall decor and tell you some of my favorite places to find fall decor on a dime!

I’ve had my scarecrows for several years, and I love setting up this porch so these guys can greet our guests.  Just add some faux leaves, pumpkins, and a few other pieces, and you’ve got a great scene for family photos.

My mom bought me this wreath.  It came from Home Depot.  I think if you don’t do any other decorating this fall, you should at least have a nice wreath in place.  (I LOVE wreaths!)

I also love wall signs.  I got this one at Target for a whopping $3.  I also saw a ton of awesome fall signs at Hobby Lobby.  (I only wish I had a place to hang more signs!)

The bird and flower stay on this shelf year round, but I originally bought them during the fall season.  Those, along with the pumpkin, in this photo came from Family Dollar, and the Hello Fall sign was another $3 Target find!  This wall shelf also came from Target.

I had no intention of decorating this bookshelf.  Most of the items shown here are there year round, including the birds which were another fall find at Family Dollar.  I believe the pumpkins on each side came from there as well.  The fall star in the back came from Oriental Trading, and the Happy Fall pumpkin is from the Dollar Tree!

I’m most excited about my new floating shelf.  I used to have a China cabinet and an entertainment center.  Both of these had shelves that I could put my decor on, and I miss that!  Finally I broke down and bought this shelf.

My favorite things on this shelf are the plaid pumpkins.  They came from Target.  The little black and white pumpkins and the subway art came from their as well.

The wooden pumpkins that say things like “grateful” and “give thanks” came from the Dollar Tree.  And most of the other decor came from Family Dollar.

This Thankful & Blessed sign also came from Dollar Tree.  (And it’s actually wooden! No flimsy plastic/poster material here!)

Where do you shop for fall decor?  Do you have a favorite decor item or trend?

5 Simple Tips to Transform a Room

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “I’d love to make this room look better, but I just can’t afford it,” then today’s post is for you!  As a homemaker, I love improving the look of our home, and as a girl on a budget, I’ve learned to embrace simplicity and find easy and affordable ways to transform the rooms in our house.  Today I will share a few tips to help you get started.

bedding set
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Bedding – The main focal point in any bedroom is the bed.  A new bedding set can dress up even the oldest set of bedroom furniture and completely change the style of your room.  Consider changing your florals to a modern chic pattern (as shown below).  Or change your plaid bedding set to some trendy chevron stripes or a fun bohemian pattern.

A lot of bedding sets (like the one above) are reversible / two-sided, so if you have a reversible bedding set, you can simply flip over the existing bedding set to get a whole new look.  Adding a decorative throw or extra throw pillows to your bed can also add color, warmth, and coziness of your room. [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Week 267 – With DIY Home Decor

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! And Happy EARLY Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas, aunts, kitty and puppy moms…..etc!

Lately I’ve been seeing so many cute home decor items that I’d love to have.  I’ve been wanting a living room makeover for a while, but I just can’t really swing it right now….at least not a makeover as big as I am wanting.  But the next best thing is browsing for ideas online and in stores.  Today I have a few ideas from our bloggy friends; they include some great room decor and some DIY projects. Hope you enjoy!

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$200 Lush Decor Giveaway


Lush Decor Giveaway

All month long I’ve been cleaning and doing a little organizing around the homestead. And I’ve also been thinking of some upcoming home makeover and decor projects!  I’ve been browsing Lush Decor, and they have some great items for the home.  I especially love their bedding sets.  I have a couple of bedspreads that I swap in and out, but I haven’t bought a new one in a while, and I’ve really been wanting to do an update.  Lush Decor has some beautiful colors and fabrics and everything looks to be very well made.  I also love all the modern designs they offer.  Any one of their bedding sets will easily give a fresh and luxurious look to any of your bedrooms. [Read more…]

15 Fall Subway Art Printables

15 Fall Subway Art Printables
I feel like I’m a little late to the party with this post, since everyone started sharing their fall decor a month ago, but I was doing my fall decorating last weekend (decor post still to come), and I decided to go online and get a free printable to frame for my living room.  When I started searching, I was overwhelmed by all the cuteness I saw, so I decided to throw together a post with some of my favorites!

I have to confess, I did recycle the 5 at the bottom from a previous post I did, to get 15 for this post!  The five I shared a couple of years ago were so cute, I thought they were worth a second look, and I like having all of these in one place just for my own convenience, and I’m sure it’s better for you too.

As always, the links where you go to download this great artwork can be found underneath each photo.  Hope you enjoy!

[Read more…]

Top 3 Tips for Styling Your Home’s Interior Using Inspiration from the Exterior

Tips for Styling Your Homes Interior Infographic

Your home provides the perfect opportunity for you to design a living space for you and your loved ones that is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing representation of your unique personalities and lifestyles. While many naturally look to their interior space for design inspiration, it is important to remember that understanding your exterior space can allow you to create the perfect fusion of style and comfort in any room of the house. When choosing a window treatment for instance, pull inspiration from the outside view with the help of these three common structural design factors.

Street Facing Windows

Front-facing windows are sometimes tricky to style, as you want the perfect balance between privacy and light control – allowing you to let in warm natural light without having to worry about curious eyes from the outside. Using sheer shades for these windows is a great way to effortlessly achieve this balance. Sheer shades offer a uniquely versatile design that gently filters light and preserves some of the view without having to sacrifice privacy. Available in a variety of opacities, sheer shades can be tailored to provide just the right amount of light and privacy you’re looking for. With their neutral disposition, they make a great fit for any room with a street facing window.

Showcasing a Window’s View

An eye-catching view serves as the perfect focal point for any room in the home, and showcasing a prime view can instantly enhance your home’s interior design and style. With that in mind, it’s especially important to choose a window treatment that can offer an unobstructed view from the window whenever needed. Window blinds are a great solution since they offer one of the widest varieties of styles and designs on the market to match the unique look of any room. When pulled down, window blinds complement your room with their warm and inviting ambience, yet fully retract when opened to offer a full and unobstructed view to your garden or other beautiful exterior focal points. This flexible window treatment can be customized to fit even those tricky shaped bay windows, oversized windows, and even skylights, giving you the comfort you need in any room without sacrificing that gorgeous scenery.

Sun-Soaked Windows

Depending on the orientation of your home and its rooms, there may be certain parts of the house that become uncomfortably cloaked with glaring sunlight during the sunrise and sunset hours. To combat this with style and ease, choose a heavier style of window treatment such as drapes or curtains. Drapes and curtains are a great choice as they allow you to fully block out light when drawn shut. When sun protection isn’t needed, you can easily draw them open to reveal your view. Blackout varieties of curtains and drapes are a fantastic choice for bedrooms with these types of windows because they let you get a good night’s sleep. They are also a good choice for formal rooms because they offer UV and sun damage protection to important interior furniture.

Don’t forget that the outside of your home is just as important as the inside when choosing a window treatment that’s right for you. Matching your home’s interior style with inspiration from the exterior view helps you create a well-designed aesthetic that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Get in touch with a local style consultant in your area today to learn more about the countless benefits that window treatments have to offer.

Blue & Brown Decor Inspiration from Kalaty.com

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalaty Rug Corp for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo 1003cf1b-426b-4bf7-a7d7-3a0810943495_zps3c75e680.jpg

I’m currently researching and shopping for ideas to makeover various areas of my home.  Last week I told you that I was specifically looking around for items to put in my living and I shared some of my favorite trends in wall decor.  I just got a brown slip cover for my couch, and now I believe I’ve narrowed it down and decided that I want a color scheme of brown and blue-green for my living room.

 photo 7e1158ef-2f4c-4043-8b91-3aed436b1210_zps2d19f272.jpg

I’ve been looking at rugs and I found a great selection at Kalaty.com.  Kalaty has all hand made and mostly hand knotted rugs.  The Oriental rug businesses started in the early 1900s in Iran and came to the United States in 1979.  Today it is still a family business, and as such, they have a focus on high quality design.

Their designs include contemporary and classic patterns.  Just a few that I think you’d love include the Verona, the Sierra, the Majave, and the Caspian, but they are all truly great!

Check out this video for information on the company:

Often the couch or entertainment center is dubbed as the focal point of the room, around which everything else is centered; however, a rug can be just as imporant.  A great rug can grab your attention and draw your eye in.  It can also provide contrast.  For example, if you have a brown or black couch, a brightly colored rug, could really make the room pop.  And if you have a  a lot of similar colored accent pieces in the room (vases, lamps, wall art), that rug can really bring everything together and create a cohesive color scheme or theme.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, I created a collage and inspriration board of decorative items, inspired by a rug at Kalaty.com.  Since I’m leaning towards blue and brown for my living room colors, I decided to chec out some items that would go great along side this Tibetan Weave Rug:


I’m currently looking for items with a modern and chic look, with perhaps a little “shabby chic” thrown in to the mix.  Here are a few ideas:



For other items that fit the color scheme, you can check out my Mood Board of Decor.

And for more rug insiration, connect with Kalaty on their social network pages:

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Does your living room have a unique color scheme or theme?  If so, please tell us about it in the comments.  Also, visit Kalaty.com and tell us your favorite rug on the site!


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Busting Myths of Home Decor

With springtime right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about chores for spring cleaning.  And while you’re planning these projects, it is also a good time to take a look at your home decor and consider some new items and improvements in this area.  I’m not talking about weekend long projects or anything high budget (although it can be a great time for that too!).  Instead I’m talking about small, simple improvements such as replacing your own accent rugs for new ones, or getting new curtains, wall art, or throw pillows. Or you may just want to declutter a room and do a little rearranging to change the look of things. [Read more…]

Getting Started With Your Home Décor? 10 Useful Tips For A Strong Base!

decorate your home with canvas print design photo

What’s the most important thing to attract people/guests in a house? It’s the décor, the interior, the esthetic sense of the homeowner. It’s not easy to make house, a home, like heaven. Sometimes, a hectic task if the owner feels like messed up with the décor ideas. What’s the use of internet? It’s flooded with immense ideas as well as the latest trends of home décor to help the hopeless homeowners. This article is specifically written for those thinking about where to start and what to consider for interior of a home. It’s also useful for those interested in starting their home décor business. [Read more…]

Agraria AirEssence Review

Agraria AirEssence

 Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Or perhaps something for a bridal shower, wedding, or housewarming?  Agraria  has a fine selection of products for the home, which include lovely scented candles and diffusers,  as well as a line of bath and body products like bath salts and shower gel.

[Read more…]