Easy Home Makeover Projects: Part 1 – Painting The House

In the past several weeks I’ve alluded to all the home improvement projects we’ve been working on. Now my husband I are getting ready to share some of those. I say my husband and I because in the future we’ll be having some contributing posts from Mr. Simply Sweet Home on his fields of expertise, and believe me, when it comes to tools and fixing things, it’s definitely his field of expertise and not mine.  But as long as he thinks that I look cute trying, I feel good about it!  And believe me, I DO TRY!

I decided to make this part of a series on Easy Home Makeover Projects.  When it comes to home improvement, I find that a little goes a long way, and when you look at your home and try to divide the work in to a series of small projects here and there, rather than looking at it as one big never ending project, it definitely makes the work easier, and it takes all the pressure off!

Grey Porch [Read more…]

Getting Started With Your Home Décor? 10 Useful Tips For A Strong Base!

decorate your home with canvas print design photo

What’s the most important thing to attract people/guests in a house? It’s the décor, the interior, the esthetic sense of the homeowner. It’s not easy to make house, a home, like heaven. Sometimes, a hectic task if the owner feels like messed up with the décor ideas. What’s the use of internet? It’s flooded with immense ideas as well as the latest trends of home décor to help the hopeless homeowners. This article is specifically written for those thinking about where to start and what to consider for interior of a home. It’s also useful for those interested in starting their home décor business. [Read more…]