Busting Myths of Home Decor

With springtime right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about chores for spring cleaning.  And while you’re planning these projects, it is also a good time to take a look at your home decor and consider some new items and improvements in this area.  I’m not talking about weekend long projects or anything high budget (although it can be a great time for that too!).  Instead I’m talking about small, simple improvements such as replacing your own accent rugs for new ones, or getting new curtains, wall art, or throw pillows. Or you may just want to declutter a room and do a little rearranging to change the look of things.

Whatever you choose to do, you should feel free to make a room your own, so that it fits your style and needs.  Today I’m sharing a fun graphic I found, called “The Seven Myths of Home Decor Busted.”

As the title suggests, this graphic takes myths that you may have heard about home decor dos and don’ts and debunks them!

Yorkshire Linen 7 Myths of home decor
Personally, I think this is a great rundown.  I think the point about mixing and matching prints and patterns is spot on. I’ve always wanted to have all matching prints or just mix solids with one print.  However, I’ve been out shopping and have seen couches and bedspreads with pillows that are completed different from the main fabric.  When done right, it can look really great and have a nice visual appeal.
I also like the ideas listed in the “one focal point” myth.   Often the couch is thought to be the main focal point in a room, so if you don’t like your couch, you’re either forced to buy another, use slipcovers, or just stick with the couch you don’t like.  I love the graphic’s suggestion to focus on getting other things for your room: couch cushions, a nice entertainment center, or area rug.  I think you can, no only get something nice in these areas, in order to take the focus off the couch that you may not like, but you can also find pieces that may actually complement the couch and improve the overall look of the room in this way.
All in all, what I learned from the graphic is that you should not limit yourself and your options when it comes to home decor.  Instead you should just let your creativity flow!
Have you busted any of these myths in your home?  Have you heard any other myths about home decor that you do not believe are true?


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