Top 3 Tips for Styling Your Home’s Interior Using Inspiration from the Exterior

Tips for Styling Your Homes Interior Infographic

Your home provides the perfect opportunity for you to design a living space for you and your loved ones that is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing representation of your unique personalities and lifestyles. While many naturally look to their interior space for design inspiration, it is important to remember that understanding your exterior space can allow you to create the perfect fusion of style and comfort in any room of the house. When choosing a window treatment for instance, pull inspiration from the outside view with the help of these three common structural design factors.

Street Facing Windows

Front-facing windows are sometimes tricky to style, as you want the perfect balance between privacy and light control – allowing you to let in warm natural light without having to worry about curious eyes from the outside. Using sheer shades for these windows is a great way to effortlessly achieve this balance. Sheer shades offer a uniquely versatile design that gently filters light and preserves some of the view without having to sacrifice privacy. Available in a variety of opacities, sheer shades can be tailored to provide just the right amount of light and privacy you’re looking for. With their neutral disposition, they make a great fit for any room with a street facing window.

Showcasing a Window’s View

An eye-catching view serves as the perfect focal point for any room in the home, and showcasing a prime view can instantly enhance your home’s interior design and style. With that in mind, it’s especially important to choose a window treatment that can offer an unobstructed view from the window whenever needed. Window blinds are a great solution since they offer one of the widest varieties of styles and designs on the market to match the unique look of any room. When pulled down, window blinds complement your room with their warm and inviting ambience, yet fully retract when opened to offer a full and unobstructed view to your garden or other beautiful exterior focal points. This flexible window treatment can be customized to fit even those tricky shaped bay windows, oversized windows, and even skylights, giving you the comfort you need in any room without sacrificing that gorgeous scenery.

Sun-Soaked Windows

Depending on the orientation of your home and its rooms, there may be certain parts of the house that become uncomfortably cloaked with glaring sunlight during the sunrise and sunset hours. To combat this with style and ease, choose a heavier style of window treatment such as drapes or curtains. Drapes and curtains are a great choice as they allow you to fully block out light when drawn shut. When sun protection isn’t needed, you can easily draw them open to reveal your view. Blackout varieties of curtains and drapes are a fantastic choice for bedrooms with these types of windows because they let you get a good night’s sleep. They are also a good choice for formal rooms because they offer UV and sun damage protection to important interior furniture.

Don’t forget that the outside of your home is just as important as the inside when choosing a window treatment that’s right for you. Matching your home’s interior style with inspiration from the exterior view helps you create a well-designed aesthetic that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Get in touch with a local style consultant in your area today to learn more about the countless benefits that window treatments have to offer.

Friday Favorites – Week 180 – Featuring Fun DIY Projects

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