Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

Disclosure: I am a Biz Ambassador, and this is a sponsored post written in partnership with the brand. All opinions are my own.

Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

Of all the chores in our house, laundry is the one I am most particular about. I have to have everything sorted properly and washed in the proper cycles that will get everything clean, while also preserving the clothes to keep them looking great. (No fading and absolutely NO fuzz balls here.)  Luckily I can count on BIZ® to help me fight stains!

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Carpet Cleaning with Biz


This year I’ve been discussing how Biz has become my partner in crime against tough stains.  Whether there’s dirt and grease on a pair of work pants, ink on a favorite shirt, or hot sauce on a new pair of khaki shorts, Biz is the ultimate non-bleach stain fighter!  But did you know that Biz can also be used to clean items other than laundry?  The Biz website has great tips and suggestions on how you can use Biz Stain Fighter to clean multiple hard surfaces!  I’m talking tubs and showers, counter tops, and even patio furniture!  Today I’m “thinking outside the laundry the room” and showing you how I used Biz to clean up carpet stains! [Read more…]

Tips and a Printable Checklist for a Clean Kitchen

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScotchBriteSponges #CollectiveBias

Tips and a Printable Checklist for Clean Kitchen

One of my goals for this year has been to change how I clean house.  There have been times in the past, where I’ve walked around my house and literally felt sick, looking around at the mess and all the work that had to be done.  Sometimes things were in a mess, because I’d been too busy with blog and shop work to clean; other times things were in a mess, because I’d been taking on extra big projects around the house (things like decluttering, garage sales, and DIY projects), and still other times things would be in a mess from a lack of cleaning due to migraine or other illnesses.

But as I said, one of my goals for this year has been to change I clean house, and after doing a little research on the topic and putting some new habits in to place, I think I’ve finally found a good formula that works for me.  Today I’m going to discuss one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean: the kitchen.  I’m going to give you some of my tips and a checklist to keep your kitchen clean.  And we’re going to talk about a few products from Scotch-Brite® that will help you maintain a clean kitchen. [Read more…]

Kitchen Clean Up with Scotch-Brite + Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScrubCloth #CollectiveBias

Kitchen Clean Up with Scotch-Brite

Cooking is one of my favorite household chores.  If you’ve checked out my recipe section, you know that I love making casseroles and baked side.  Not only is it delicious comfort food, but it’s also generally easy to make. However, these dishes are the hardest to clean, and washing dishes just happens to be my least favorite chore!  After dinner, I especially find it hard to break myself away to do dishes and clean up the kitchen, but it must be done!  Today I’m going to share my latest dish washing tool that’s taking my kitchen sink by storm.  Plus, I have a delicious recipe for Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese to share with, and I have some ideas to help keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free. [Read more…]

Fighting Stains with BIZ

Disclosure: I am a Biz Ambassador, and this is a sponsored post written in partnership with the brand. All opinions are my own.

Fighting Stains with BIZ

As a wife and mom, I am always washing clothes.  It’s one chore that I definitely don’t mind doing on my own, because I like to make sure that everyone’s clothes look perfect!  I’m particular about how things get sorted; I’m particular about the cycles our clothes get washed with, and of course, I’m particular about what products get used to clean our clothes!  Most recently I’ve started using BIZ® as our stain fighter.  Biz was the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach

I deal with a variety of stains.  As you know, my husband is basically a professional Mr. Fix-It, so he’s always out working on something, whether it’s a car, a lawn mower, or an appliance, so he’s always coming in with dirt, oil, and grease on his clothes. [Read more…]

All Mighty Pacs Detergent Plus 5 Laundry Tips

5 Laundry Tips

I’ve been spending the first week of my new year getting my house in order and cleaning from top to bottom. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made, and one of my goals this year to get back to the basics of maintaining a clean home, so I can avoid these “extreme clean-a-thons.”  It’s not always easy with a family, pets, and my schedule, but I’m up for the challenge. One chore that I never seem to get woefully behind on is laundry; perhaps because it’s pretty much unavoidable and can’t be skipped.  Here are just a few things that help me get this hugely important chore done!

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all OXI Review & Giveaway

All Oxi Review Giveaway

 Back to school means back to laundry, as you have extra piles of school clothes, not to mention practice clothes and uniforms from sports and other activities.  This fall I’m getting that extra laundry done with all. All Oxi com comes in both a liquid form, as well as might pacs. [Read more…]

Snuggle Scent Boosters Review and Coupon

Snuggle Scent Boosters

Have you tried Snuggle Scent Boosters yet? I’m always excited to try new cleaning products, especially laundry detergents and fabric softeners!  When you live with a man and a “young man” you have a lot to contend with in the laundry departments (stains, sweat, and other smells), so I always try to use the best products possible to get their clothes smelling clean and fresh. [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning with Essential8 and a Giveaway

Spring Cleaning with Essential8

I love using natural products for cleaning and bath & body.  I love natural cleaning products because they generally lack the strong, harsh smells that other chemical cleaners have, and they are safer to have around my family and pets. I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning projects the last couple of months, and I was excited to try out some products from essential8 to help out the process.

essential8 is a shop on Etsy.  They offer a variety of organic cleaning products, as well as products for bath & body, including sugar scrubs, lotion bars, and even bath products for baby and pets. [Read more…]