Carpet Cleaning with Biz


This year I’ve been discussing how Biz has become my partner in crime against tough stains.  Whether there’s dirt and grease on a pair of work pants, ink on a favorite shirt, or hot sauce on a new pair of khaki shorts, Biz is the ultimate non-bleach stain fighter!  But did you know that Biz can also be used to clean items other than laundry?  The Biz website has great tips and suggestions on how you can use Biz Stain Fighter to clean multiple hard surfaces!  I’m talking tubs and showers, counter tops, and even patio furniture!  Today I’m “thinking outside the laundry the room” and showing you how I used Biz to clean up carpet stains! [Read more…]

Rowenta Cordless Bagless 18-Volt Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

In the past I have used a bulky vacuum cleaner along with a dust buster, and I’ve been wanting something to replace both of these.  Regular vacuums can be very heavy and inconvient to lug around; plus it  gets annoying dealing with the cords and having to constantly plug and unplug.  And dust busters aren’t exactly fun to deal with either, as you have to bend or kneel down to use them.

But I’ve just discovered something that makes cleaning your floors a breeze! I’m talking about the Rowenta RH8559U1 Cordless Bagless 18-Volt Stick Vacuum Cleaner.  I recently got the chance to review this product, and I love it!

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