all OXI Review & Giveaway

All Oxi Review Giveaway

 Back to school means back to laundry, as you have extra piles of school clothes, not to mention practice clothes and uniforms from sports and other activities.  This fall I’m getting that extra laundry done with all. All Oxi com comes in both a liquid form, as well as might pacs.

I’ve always liked liquid detergents over powders because they seem to get your clothes cleaner and smelling better.  All is no exception, and it is formulated with in-wash pre-treaters for whiter whites.  The same stainlifters are found in all mighty pacs.  The mighty pacs are filled with a super concentrated liquid detergent, and are very convenient for those who that the measuring and occasional messes that come with powder and liquid detergents.

I’ve been using these now for a few weeks, and have used both products on various loads of laundry, and I’d have to say, both are great products.  It just depends on your own personal preference and needs as to which one you’d prefer.  But I’d say that they both do a good job of cleaning clothes!

I think I personally like using liquid detergents, simply because my loads of laundry will vary greatly in size, from a full load, all the way down to just a small load consisting of 4 or 5 shirts.  So for my purposes, it is good to be able to measure out the detergent.  But I do love the convenience of the mighty pacs, and I having the pre-measured packs can help you prevent over pouring and thus save you a lot of money on detergent in the long run.

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  1. I learned it 100% free of dyes.

  2. I did not know that All makes dryer sheets!!!! I would love to try them also. thanks

  3. all free clear is “The only detergent awarded the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance”.

  4. I learned ALL is tested to be gentle on skin.

  5. I found out that the All with Oxi is the official Detergent of the Little League!

  6. I learned that they make a free & clear detergent

  7. Robin Wilson says

    I like that they have Special Offers available at times on their site.

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