Carpet Cleaning with Biz


This year I’ve been discussing how Biz has become my partner in crime against tough stains.  Whether there’s dirt and grease on a pair of work pants, ink on a favorite shirt, or hot sauce on a new pair of khaki shorts, Biz is the ultimate non-bleach stain fighter!  But did you know that Biz can also be used to clean items other than laundry?  The Biz website has great tips and suggestions on how you can use Biz Stain Fighter to clean multiple hard surfaces!  I’m talking tubs and showers, counter tops, and even patio furniture!  Today I’m “thinking outside the laundry the room” and showing you how I used Biz to clean up carpet stains!


In our household, the bedrooms are the only rooms that are carpeted.  All of our animals are potty trained, and they have their own special room where they can do their business.  We keep the pet room covered with plastic sheeting so that pet stains are always avoided, but the other carpeted rooms aren’t quite so pet-proof.  Occasionally my cat Rebel gets hairballs, and sometimes our dog Shadow gets a little choked up, resulting in soiled carpet.

As long as I immediately get the carpet cleaning spray, the mess is easily cleaned up and stains are avoided.  But if one of the animals gets sick in the night while I’m sleeping, or if they get sick when I’m not home, the mess is sometimes a little harder to clean.  To remedy the situation, I tried working the stain out with Biz.  Here’s how it works!


What You Need:

  • Biz liquid or powder
  • Rag or Hand Towel
  • Hot Water

Disclaimer:  If you’re cleaning your carpet or any other type of fabric, you should always your try cleaners out on a small, inconspicuous test area first.

First, you should start off by pouring a small amount of water over the stained area.  Then cover the spot with a tiny amount of detergent.  (If your prefer, you can also make 50/50 solution of water and Biz.  Mix it up and pour that on the stained area.

Allow this to set for a few minutes.  Meanwhile, grab a washrag or a hand towel (depending on the size of the stain), and soak your towel in hot water.  Then squeeze out the excess water.  (Please note:  Avoid using new towels, as the dye from the towel could fade on to your carpeting.  If you’re squeezing the water out of your towel, and the water is colored, you should use a different towel.)

Next, take your towel and use it to rub and scrub out the stain.  As you do this, the stain should start to disappear.  If you continue to see blue detergent on the carpet,  pour a little more water on to the stain to ensure all the detergent is out.

Then just wait for the carpet to dry.

Here’s my before and after picture:


Biz is recommended for all kinds of clothing stains like ink, grass, dirt, blood, and even wine, so I imagine it would work wonders on these types of stain on your carpet and more!

For more information on BIZ and why it’s the perfect stain fighter for your laundry and multiple areas in your house, visit the Biz Stain Fighter webpage.

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