Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

Disclosure: I am a Biz Ambassador, and this is a sponsored post written in partnership with the brand. All opinions are my own.

Dirty Little Secrets with BIZ

Of all the chores in our house, laundry is the one I am most particular about. I have to have everything sorted properly and washed in the proper cycles that will get everything clean, while also preserving the clothes to keep them looking great. (No fading and absolutely NO fuzz balls here.)  Luckily I can count on BIZ® to help me fight stains!

Teen Boy

There’s nothing I hate worse than ruining a favorite blouse or outfit. In fact, I will often avoid wearing certain things if I think there’s an extra-added chance they might be ruined. For example, you’d never see me wearing white capri pants on a rainy day or to a ball game, fair, or park.

My stepson also likes for his clothes to look great. He only wears pique polos or long sleeve button down shirts with gingham checks to school, and he loves being dressed up. Since he’s 16, he’s a little old for me to stop him at the door to say, “Hey! Don’t wear your khakis today. It’s raining!” And since boys will be boys, every now and then things might get spilled on his good clothes.  So BIZ definitely comes in handy when I get ready to do his laundry.  He has a few shirts of his that are absolute favorites and are always in “regular rotation” in his closet, and I’d especially hate to see anything happen to those personal faves.

BIZ Before and After

When it comes to his clothes,  the stains I see most are hot sauce and ketchup.  Recently hot sauce was spilled on this black and white gingham button down shirt.  This was one of several shirts we purchased him at Christmas time, so it was definitely too soon to throw it in the trash.  As soon as I discovered the stain, I applied Biz to it, and I was thrilled to see it come out totally clean!

Another great thing I love about Biz is that it works on stains that have set in.  If a stain is on my own clothes, I can treat it immediately, and if it is on my husband or stepson’s clothes, I can treat it the same day, if I know about it.  But since I often don’t see the stains till later, I am thrilled to have Biz to help take care of the mess.

Biz Information

Biz is great for some many stains from spaghetti sauce and condiments to greasy foods and salad dressings to dirt and grass stains.

And it not only works as a pre-treater, but also a laundry booster.  Simply add a cap to your load of laundry and it will boost the power of your detergent by up to 80%.

For more information on Biz products, as well as coupons and laundry tips, check out Biz, and be sure to look for the product at your local grocery store and other retailers.


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