Relief from Baby Eczema with AVEENO

Disclosure: This post contains product recommendations based on my own experience as a mom.  Please consult your doctor if you suspect your child has eczema or other skin conditions. This post contains affiliate links. The opinions are my own.

I love that face!  Skin conditions can be a pain and annoyance for adults, but it is even worse when your child suffers from them. As a new mom I was very diligent about keeping our son’s face clean. I was constantly wiping away spit up and applying lotion as needed to avoid skin irritations. However, when Thaxton was around 3 months old I noticed some redness in his cheeks. [Read more…]

Skin Tightening Options and Variables

There are many ways in which you can have your skin tightened to reverse signs of aging. Each skincare industry option for skin tightening has its own unique attributes. The skin tightening option which is best for you may not be best for another person, which is part of what makes choosing a treatment for your skin difficult. However, you can narrow down your options based on your skin type, your risk factors, and your budget.

Sound Treatments Are Relatively Mild and Inexpensive

One of the best ways to control wrinkles and sagging skin is to catch and treat the problem early. If your skin problems are still in the early stages then a mild and inexpensive treatment such as sound wave therapy may be a perfect choice for you. Ultrasound or radio frequency waves can get right through all layers of your skin, causing vibrations which will encourage healing processes to start. The results of such treatments are subtle and often slow to develop, but they can be good skin maintenance techniques.

Laser Procedures Perform Moderate Skin Healing Processes

Moderate skin wrinkles or sags may require a stronger treatment than sound wave therapy. Yet, they may not require anything too severe, such as surgery. If your skin problems fall in this middle ground then laser treatment might be helpful to you instead. One reason why cosmetic laser-sales have continually increased over the years is that lasers are capable of treating multiple moderate skin problems, including sagging skin and wrinkles.

Lasers are also versatile treatment methods because they can influence the distribution of the collagen which exists to bind the skin cells together. However, they can also cause your body to start making more of that and other substances which are beneficial for skin health. Therefore, some laser skin tightening results occur fairly soon after treatment, but others can take place long after you exit your local skincare clinic.

Age is a Skincare Treatment Variable

Your age may preclude you from having certain types of skincare procedures performed on your skin because of natural changes which occur in your skin over time. For example, you may notice that your skin becomes more dry with age. It may also lose thickness, meaning that some treatment methods designed for treating thicker skin may be ineffective or even potentially hazardous to you. Luckily, your skincare expert will identify those challenges and make recommendations for treatments which are appropriate for you.

The Consultation Process for Skincare Treatment

Most reputable skincare clinics will insist that you have a consultation appointment prior to scheduling a specific type of skin treatment. The purpose of the consultation is to allow a clinician to become familiarized with your medical history, skin concerns and general skin healthy. He or she will assess your skin type and discuss your treatment options in detail with you.

Discomfort Levels During Skin Tightening Vary

The amount of discomfort your feel during the skin tightening process will depend on the type of skin tightening procedure you undergo, as well as your own personal body responses. However, some treatments like sound wave therapy are not painful at all. In the case of more invasive treatments like laser therapy your clinician can manage your discomfort with numbing agents.

No Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment Works Immediately

Another variable you need to understand about skin tightening treatments is that none of them, except for surgery, produce drastic immediate results. You might see some minor changes in your skin health within a day or two after treatment, but most of the changes will occur so gradually that they may be difficult to notice at first. Also, many types of skincare treatments do not work at all when performed as a single session. Therefore, you may need a series of treatments before your skin responds in the positive ways you desire.

Steps for a Good Skincare Regimen with Differin® Gel

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Steps for a Good Skincare Regimen

Having good self-esteem and being able to walk around with your head held high is an important part of living a full life, and I believe a healthy complexion is at the cornerstone of this.  For this reason, it’s important to maintain a good and consistent skincare regimen. Today I’m going to discuss some steps I take to maintain a good skincare regimen. [Read more…]

My First Target Beauty Box

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I’m so excited to report that I’ve officially joined the beauty box craze.  Earlier this week I received my very first Target Beauty Box.  Target’s Beauty Box comes out each month.  It is not a subscription program, but is instead an item that you have to go on the Target website and purchase each month.  The Beauty Box sells for a $10 flat fee, plus tax.  (My cost $10.90.)  The box is available for sale at the first of the month, generally on a Thursday, and if you subscribe to Target’s ad by email, you will receive notice when it is available for purchase. [Read more…]

Exposed Skincare Review

Exposed Skincare line

The holidays are almost upon us, and that means it’s time for holiday parties, Christmas pageants, and more!  If you’re like me, you want to be sure and look your best during this flurry of holiday events!  Over the past month or so, I’ve been refreshing my skin with products from Exposed Skincare.

I love the concept of this company!  Exposed Skincare offers their customers clear and healthy skin with science + nature!  By using their unique products, users have reported having 98% clearer skin and 96% report having improved skin tone. [Read more…]

Summer Health & Beauty Series: Beautiful Review and Giveaway

Beautiful Review and Giveaway


Today we continue our Summer Health & Beauty Series with a review and giveaway for Beautiful AM Moisturizer and PM Revitalizer.  I was very happy to try this product for the following reasons:

  • The products are made of 100% pure ingredients (No chemicals, preservatives, etc.)
  • The products are good for all skin types.
  • It is an “All in One” product that can replace all other items in your skin care routine.
  • The products have multiple uses: They cleanse your pores, smooth your skin, and reduce appearance of age, wrinkles, and blemishes.

[Read more…]

Summer Health & Beauty Series: La Bella® Skincare Review

Having a sweet and happy home and family life isn’t just about food and housekeeping.  It starts with you. If you don’t feel healthy and feel good about yourself it is more difficult to take care of your home or other people. That’s why I try to share health & beauty tips and products from time to time. For the summer, I’ve planned a series of posts centered around health & beauty.  Over the next few weeks you’ll discover some great products, tips, and a giveaway or two!  Hope you enjoy!

LaBella Skincare Review

We kick off our Summer Health & Beauty Series with Skincare Products from La Bella.  La Bella has more than 30 years of experience  offering a variety of superior, salon quality hair and skincare products. Their skincare line offers solutions to keep your skin looking clear and vibrant and subtle.

You can find their products online and or at local retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kroger.

Here’s a list of the products I have used, along with details on the usage:

La Bella Rose Hips Oil Cream – Contains Vitamin E to help rehydrate chapped skin and prevent aging from the sun. It also lessens wrinkles and skin spots, all while smelling amazing.

La Bella Vitamin E Cream with Aloe – This gentle product evens complexion and skin tone, while soothing and cooling burns from the harsh sunrays. Perfect to use after a day at the beach.

La Bella Vanishing Cream – Sometimes the damage from the sun is inevitable, but with a cocoa butter combination this cream helps diminish sunspots, freckles, and age spots while creating a smooth complexion.

La Bella Cosmetic Gel – This cream is made with collagen, elastin, snail extract, and aloe vera to help accelerate skin cell production while hydrating and healing skin blemishes.

Why I Love the Products:

  • The products are made from all natural ingredients.
  • Affordable! Each product is $5-$6.
  • The products come in a very good portioned size.
  • The products deminish blemishes and other imperfections, while also healing and rehydrating your skin.
  • The products feel good on your skin.
  • The products have a very nice and pleasant scent.

Check out the La Bella website for more details on their products.


Disclosure: I received review products to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own. If you have a product you’d like to see featured on my site, please see my PR page for more details or send me an email.

Olay Fresh Effects Review

Olay Fresh Effects Review

Spring is finally here!  And I’m really excited to leave my sweaters in closet and break out my cute spring wardrobe!  But as the hot summer approaches, I have to think more and more about my skincare regimen.  It is always so hot and muggy here, that just going outside for a short time can make my skin break out.  For this reason, I try to stay indoors as much as possible and cling to my computer! (Haha.)  But even I have to go outside sometimes, so I am very happy to add Olay Fresh Effects to my skincare routine.   [Read more…]

B·liv by Cellnique Skincare Review

B·liv by Cellnique


As you know, I love beauty and skincare!  I recently had the chance to try some of the latest luxury skin care products from b·liv by Cellnique.


I received the Glow and Shine skin smoothening mask. This is a really great product. It cleanses, polishes and moisturizes your skin, and it also exfoliates, unclogs poors, and reduces shine and scars.  It has a smooth, creamy texture and a very natural and pleasant smell.

I also love it because you can apply and immediately rinse if you’re in a hurry, or you can apply it as a mask and leave on for five to minutes minutes.  And after you scrub and rinse, your skin is left feeling smooth and refreshed.



I also got to try their Off With Those Heads Blackhead Serum.  This gel helps to unclog pores, remove oil, and get rid of blackheads and white heads.  And it leaves your skin with a clean, cooling sensation.

I really like this product. It only takes a small tab on your forehead and other areas that are prone to get blackheads. When you first start using the product, you may see more oil secretion than normal, but this should just tell you that it’s working.


They also offer a moisturizing gel called Quench Me.   This is a great product to use after exfoliating or on top of the spot treatment to keep your skin from over drying.  It also has antioxidants and anti-aging properties and helps to retain and replenish moisture.

As someone with combination skin, I really like this product.  My skin sometimes dries and flakes when I treat it, and this is a great product to prevent that, while still being able to treat acne and oily skin.

b-liv spots got shot


And last but not least, I received their Spots Got Shot blemish serum treatment.  It helps to clear up pimples, reduce oil, and unclog pores. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  This is a really great product. I’ve used it to treat a few acne spots, and it’s cleared them up faster and more effectively than other products I’ve tried.

Overall I was pleased with all the products.  They were very effective at treating my skin.

For more information on these products and more,  check out Cellnique and B·liv.

Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

Specific Beauty BOGO Event for October

Don’t you just love learning about new skin care products?  Specific Beauty is a dermatologist tested, designed and proven skin care treatment line for multi-hued skin tones. When used as directed, Specific Beauty regimen will result in a more even skin tone, improved skin texture and leaves skin hydrated, brighter and more radiant.

[Read more…]