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Since I recently got married I’ve had a lot of wedding ideas in mind.  Most of the time when it comes to weddings, we focus on the cake, the dress, the flowers, and the decorations, and then there are gifts for the bride and groom, and the bridesmaids, but what about the men in the wedding party?  Today I am taking a look at gift ideas for groomsmen, fathers, father-in-laws, and the groom himself.

First of all, it is important to remember to take in to account the type of person you are buying for.  While it may be suitable to buy bridesmaids matching necklaces or other accessories, men’s gifts and their tastes vary so much that you may have to get a little creative in order to find something for everybody.  (And if all else fails, you don’t have to get everyone the same gift.)  Here are just a few gift suggestions for you to consider.

Cigar Gifts for Groomsmen

1.  Cigars & Tobacco Items – If you have cigar smokers in your wedding party, a nice box of cigars might be a great gift option.  You can buy a box for each member of the wedding party, or the groomsmen can even share a box just before the wedding. I recently shopped for Cubero Cigars at Walmart.  Cubero is a leading brand of tobacco products.  They create a high quality brand of cigars that includes Cubero, Captain Black Cigarillos, and Captain Black Mini Tips, and the Cubero Cigars come in three unique flavor blends.  Cigars are also a great gift, as it may be a treat that the men might not otherwise buy for themselves, and yet it is an affordable gift.  And for smoking enthusiasts look for supplies, such as a personalized humidor.


Watches and Wallets for Groomsmen

2. Watches and Wallets – If you want to give your groomsmen a gift that can serve as a keepsake but also be of some use in the future, consider buying them new watches.  This would obviously be a more expensive gift option, but if you have the money to spend, a nice watch is something your groomsman can always pull out for special occasions or where in everyday life.   It is a nice gift, that is worthy of the occasion, but it is still a very practical gift choice and is something your groomsmen may actually need.  Or if a watch is a little out of your price range, consider buying all of your groomsmen a nice, new wallet.  It’s another practical and useful choice.

Drinking Gifts for Groomsmen

3.  Drinking and Alcohol Related Items – Just about every man loves to drink, and if a guy is in your wedding party, chances are you know what he likes to drink.  Purchase each of your groomsman, a bottle of their favorite liquor, or buy everyone a bottle of the same kind.  As an extra added nice touch, you can also find gift sets for most liquors, which include one or two glasses.

You may also consider buying your groomsmen some drinking accessories.  You can get each of them a nice flask, perhaps even a flask that is personally engraved, or look for other bar items such as a cocktail shaker, glass set, or bartending set.  And if all else fails, just buy your groomsmen their favorite beer.

Sporting and Hobby Gifts for Groomsmen

4.  Sports and Hobby Items – There are so many gifts to consider in the wide world of sports!  If your groomsmen love to golf, you can find them a nice golf-themed gift, perhaps golfing supplies or items for the home that are golf themed.  You can also find similar gift items for fishermen. Or if you’re groomsmen love other sports,  look for memorabilia that they will like.  Find a drinking set or beer mug featuring the logo of your favorite NFL team.  Or find other memorabilia and clothing items to match your favorite team.  In my Etsy shop, I offer hand stamped necklaces and keychains for any college or pro team you like!  And if the guys all have a favor sports team in common, consider getting everyone tickets to the same game.  In lieu of  a gift you can wrap, everyone can go to the game together and share a fun guys night out!

Personalized Gifts for Groomsmen

5.  Anything Personalized – You can get just about anything you like personalized with a name or monogram. Examples include: cuff links, a watch or pocket watch, a nice ink pen, coaster set, barbecue sets, shaving set, wallet or money clip, jewelry, home decor, pocket knives, and the list goes on and on!

When it comes to buying gifts for men, I think the best advice I can give is to not over think things.  Most guys are more interested in getting something they like and can use rather than a formal keepsake, although a combination of these two things is probably the best gift you can find.

*Bonus Gift*

Indoor Golf

The closest group of men in your future husband’s life are likely the groomsmen. Believe me when I say that a group of bros enjoys having fun and spending quality time with each other just as much as women do. While playing golf is always a good idea, especially when the weather is good, getting to a golf course might not be practical, especially with how busy weddings typically are. As a wedding surprise gift, why not have golf putting greens installed indoors so the guys can unwind no matter the weather?

Surgeon General's Warning 180x61 (1)

Daring Contest Review

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I recently had the chance to review the Daring Contest.  My stepson recently got married and is also in the army, and I thought the game might be something they could play at home with friends.  (Recently he told his dad that he and his friends were playing Dungeons & Dragons, so I figure they can pick this game right up!)

The game is similar to truth or dare (without the truth part).  It contains 160 dare cards, 40 modifiers an 20 penalty cards. You draw cards which give you different tasks to do for points.  The easiest tasks have the lower amount of points, while the harder tasks give more points.

For example, one card reads, “Take a selfie with the Judge (of the game) and send it to your mom. If she is single, include the Judge’s Number.”

Another card reads, “Show your dominance by snarling at your opponents like a crazed beast.”

The game is best with 4 to 8 players and is for ages 18 and up.  With that in mind, there are some cards that might be inappropriate in certain settings. I’d caution you against getting this game for a church group, workplace group, or any kind of mixed group where someone could potentially get offended or embarrassed.

But if you have a group of guys in a dorm room, a group of army buddies, or even a few couples who don’t embarrass easily and like to have fun, then this could be the game for you.

Christmas Pajamas for the Family Review

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One Christmas tradition I definitely want for Thaxton is the new pajamas traditions.  It is fun, yet practical, because he will always need pajamas!

I LOVE Christmas pajamas, and I’ve been so excited for the pajamas for the family trend! After shopping around a lot on the internet, I chose Target for our Holiday Family Pajamas.  I was very impressed with the variety they had, from the different colors and prints, to the various styles of pajamas.  And the prices amazing!   Today I’m going to share with you some of the things that I bought and point out a few things I also liked.

I’ve been wanting to get Thaxton and I Mama Bear and Baby Bear shirts, so I fell in the LOVE with the Holiday Bear Family Pajamas.  Apart from the bear theme, these also have red and black checks with I really like.  And they look more like winter pajamas and not just Christmas, so we can continue to wear these in January.

The pajamas themselves fit great.  We both got very soft cotton shirts and fleece pants.  These are so comfortable, and I was impressed by the quality!

I also got Thaxton the Fair Isle Union Suit.  I’m not really in to the adult onesie, so I just got this set for him.  I really love this type of print, and the colors are great.  And like the other pajamas I chose, this has more of a winter theme, so that he can wear it after Christmas is over without looking weird.  This is made of fleece, so it’s very warm, and I actually also love it as something he could wear around the house on cold days and not just as sleep wear.  (And I have to admit, I kind of wish I’d bought myself one of these!)

If these aren’t for you, you might like their Peanuts Pajamas. (I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy!)  And they also have sets that are Harry Potter themed, Grinch, Elf, Santa, and so many more!

I also wanted to point out these slipper socks that I got for just $6.  These are very warm and comfortable, and I think they are quite cute.

So many styles are still in stock at Target, so go over and check out their Holiday Family Pajamas. Perhaps it could be the start of a new family tradition for you!

Girlfriend Giving from Precious Moments

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The holiday season of giving is here!  Time to explore fun gift ideas for everyone on your list.  Today for the ladies, I have a couple of ideas from Precious Moments.  Their Girlfriend Giving line has super cute items.  I had the pleasure of reviewing their ceramic travel mug and picture frame.

They feature a very modern design with a lovely floral pattern and golden dots.  The items are also very heavy and durable. I’d definitely recommend them as a gift idea for your mom, sister, aunt, or favorite girlfriend.  These would also be great for a gift exchange you may have at work, church, or the family Christmas party, or even a good hostess gift.

The ceramic travel mug is my favorite!  It features the Bible verse, Proverbs 31:25. It reads, “She is clothes with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

This is perfect for both cold and hot drinks.  It is dishwasher and microwave safe.  And it is a perfect size for your morning coffee or other beverage.  It also has a silicone lid, for easy sipping and spill prevention.


I also received this Good Friends are a Blessing 4×6 frame.  It says,   This is also a ceramic product; it is very durable with a sleek design.  I personally love 4×6 frames because I get a lot of pictures printed in that size, and the great thing about this frame is that is .  And unlike a lot of 4×6 frames, the outside of this one is fairly thick so that the frame and picture appears bigger.  That combined with its lovely design makes this a very eye catching frame and a perfect gift.

Items from the Precious Moments Girlfriend Giving line are available on Amazon.  I encourage everyone to go check out the whole collection.

Hand Stamped Jewelry & Christmas Ornaments + Small Business Saturday


Today is Small Business Saturday!  Across the country people are supporting small business by shopping small!  I’m happy to call myself a small business owner; apart from my blog and content services, I also have an Etsy shop.  It feels good to be able to do something creative and use my talents to make money for my family, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I have a to a work from home mom! [Read more…]

Teacher Easter Basket Tutorial with Printable Tags

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Teacher Easter Basket Tutorial

March is here, and Easter is just around the corner! (It’s March 27 this year!)  It’s time to gather up your favorite Easter goodies and create some fun Easter Baskets!  Of course, the Easter Bunny has the kids covered, but what about the adults?  Are there any special adults in your life that would get a little joy out of an Easter basket this year?  Perhaps a neighbor, a grandmother, or a teacher?

As someone who always “loved school” and “loved learning” I’ve always had a huge appreciation for teachers.  In fact, when I was kid I either wanted to be a writer or a teacher, and if I wasn’t working from home, I’d likely be teaching English or history.  That being said, I generally love the profession, and I appreciate everything that the teachers in our local schools do.

Generally the kids give gifts to the teachers at Christmas and at the end of the school year, but I personally love giving gift baskets, and what better time to give one than at Easter?  If you happen to be the head room mother, this is something great that you can give as a class gift to your teacher!  If you have an adult child or other relative who’s a teacher, it could be a great project to put together for them as well.  Today I’m going to show you how I put together a fun Teacher Easter Basket using MARS & Wrigley’s products and other items.  Plus, I’ve got some free printable tags that you can add to your baskets! [Read more…]

Mother Teapot & Cup Combo Review + Giveaway

Pavilion Teapot

Today I’m featuring the second prize included in this week’s Friday Favorites giveaway.  The giveaway opened Thursday night and will close this Thursday at midnight.

The prize pack includes this fun Mother Teapot & Cup Combo.  It is one of many high quality products available at Pavilion, a gift shop featuring a variety of home decor, knick knacks, collectibles, coffee mugs, and even jewelry & fashion accessories! [Read more…]

15 Holiday Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

15 Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

Are you done with your holiday shopping?  I just love holiday gift giving, and I love it even better when you can give a gift that you KNOW someone will love.

Do you ever find yourself just buying gifts that require no thought at all?  Things like gift cards or general audience gifts that could be for anyone (or the “token gift” as I like to call it).  If so, then you should really reconsider your gift giving.  Whether you’re spending $5 or $50, it is the THOUGHT that counts.

Before buying another gift card or scented candle, think about what your gift recipient really loves.  What are their hobbies? What are they passionate about?  And if you don’t know the answers to these questions, then find the answer by asking another family member or friend, or even by checking out the person’s Facebook or other social media profiles. [Read more…]

Football Snacking with Gourmet Gifter

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Cinnamon Popcorn and Peanuts

No football Saturday is complete without a great assortment of snacks!  You can take your snacking to the next level with Gourmet Gifter.  Their delicious kettle corn comes in a variety of flavors, including salty sweet addiction, caramel corn, and Cinnamon Sugar Sensation. [Read more…]

Delicious Fall Gifts and Free Kettle Corn

When it comes to gifts, the only thing I can think of that’s better than money or a gift card is food!  I’m proud to partner with Gourmet Gifts.  It is a great go-to place to shop for your favorite foodie, whether they love the savory or the sweet!



I recently got to try their Chili Cheese Puffs. These are so delicious! They are cheese puffs with a nice spicy kick, which I love! I could honestly eat an entire bag in one sitting!

Gourmet Gifts also has a selection of healthy living products like protein bars, antioxidant bars, nutrition bars, and meal replacement bars.  I had a chance to try the Pineapple Meal Replacement Bar.  I LOVE pineapple, and this bar had great flavors and a nice texture! [Read more…]