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Since I recently got married I’ve had a lot of wedding ideas in mind.  Most of the time when it comes to weddings, we focus on the cake, the dress, the flowers, and the decorations, and then there are gifts for the bride and groom, and the bridesmaids, but what about the men in the wedding party?  Today I am taking a look at gift ideas for groomsmen, fathers, father-in-laws, and the groom himself.

First of all, it is important to remember to take in to account the type of person you are buying for.  While it may be suitable to buy bridesmaids matching necklaces or other accessories, men’s gifts and their tastes vary so much that you may have to get a little creative in order to find something for everybody.  (And if all else fails, you don’t have to get everyone the same gift.)  Here are just a few gift suggestions for you to consider.

Cigar Gifts for Groomsmen

1.  Cigars & Tobacco Items – If you have cigar smokers in your wedding party, a nice box of cigars might be a great gift option.  You can buy a box for each member of the wedding party, or the groomsmen can even share a box just before the wedding. I recently shopped for Cubero Cigars at Walmart.  Cubero is a leading brand of tobacco products.  They create a high quality brand of cigars that includes Cubero, Captain Black Cigarillos, and Captain Black Mini Tips, and the Cubero Cigars come in three unique flavor blends.  Cigars are also a great gift, as it may be a treat that the men might not otherwise buy for themselves, and yet it is an affordable gift.  And for smoking enthusiasts look for supplies, such as a personalized humidor.


Watches and Wallets for Groomsmen

2. Watches and Wallets – If you want to give your groomsmen a gift that can serve as a keepsake but also be of some use in the future, consider buying them new watches.  This would obviously be a more expensive gift option, but if you have the money to spend, a nice watch is something your groomsman can always pull out for special occasions or where in everyday life.   It is a nice gift, that is worthy of the occasion, but it is still a very practical gift choice and is something your groomsmen may actually need.  Or if a watch is a little out of your price range, consider buying all of your groomsmen a nice, new wallet.  It’s another practical and useful choice.

Drinking Gifts for Groomsmen

3.  Drinking and Alcohol Related Items – Just about every man loves to drink, and if a guy is in your wedding party, chances are you know what he likes to drink.  Purchase each of your groomsman, a bottle of their favorite liquor, or buy everyone a bottle of the same kind.  As an extra added nice touch, you can also find gift sets for most liquors, which include one or two glasses.

You may also consider buying your groomsmen some drinking accessories.  You can get each of them a nice flask, perhaps even a flask that is personally engraved, or look for other bar items such as a cocktail shaker, glass set, or bartending set.  And if all else fails, just buy your groomsmen their favorite beer.

Sporting and Hobby Gifts for Groomsmen

4.  Sports and Hobby Items – There are so many gifts to consider in the wide world of sports!  If your groomsmen love to golf, you can find them a nice golf-themed gift, perhaps golfing supplies or items for the home that are golf themed.  You can also find similar gift items for fishermen. Or if you’re groomsmen love other sports,  look for memorabilia that they will like.  Find a drinking set or beer mug featuring the logo of your favorite NFL team.  Or find other memorabilia and clothing items to match your favorite team.  In my Etsy shop, I offer hand stamped necklaces and keychains for any college or pro team you like!  And if the guys all have a favor sports team in common, consider getting everyone tickets to the same game.  In lieu of  a gift you can wrap, everyone can go to the game together and share a fun guys night out!

Personalized Gifts for Groomsmen

5.  Anything Personalized – You can get just about anything you like personalized with a name or monogram. Examples include: cuff links, a watch or pocket watch, a nice ink pen, coaster set, barbecue sets, shaving set, wallet or money clip, jewelry, home decor, pocket knives, and the list goes on and on!

When it comes to buying gifts for men, I think the best advice I can give is to not over think things.  Most guys are more interested in getting something they like and can use rather than a formal keepsake, although a combination of these two things is probably the best gift you can find.

*Bonus Gift*

Indoor Golf

The closest group of men in your future husband’s life are likely the groomsmen. Believe me when I say that a group of bros enjoys having fun and spending quality time with each other just as much as women do. While playing golf is always a good idea, especially when the weather is good, getting to a golf course might not be practical, especially with how busy weddings typically are. As a wedding surprise gift, why not have golf putting greens installed indoors so the guys can unwind no matter the weather?

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