Friday Favorites – Week 315 – With DIY Projects

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s Friday Favorites party!  I’m a little late this evening and normally when I’m late, it’s because I’ve had a busy work week or had a lot going on at home, but tonight, it comes down to one simple reason…I HAD to watch the finale of American Idol! Haha!  It’s one of the only shows I watch on a regular basis, and I’ve been a fan since the beginning.  I’m sad to see it go, but it was an amazing show tonight.  Getting excited about seeing my favorite contestants from the past made me feel like a teenager!  Haha!  Anyway…that’s what I’ve been up to this evening!  Now let’s see what everyone else is up to!

First off, we have some great DIY projects: We have jewelry storage, an upcycle project, and a little bit of carpentry work!  What a great mix!

And then as always, we have a little linky which I would LOVE for you to add your recipe and project links to!

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Love Bird Wreath Makeover

Today I am finally getting around to sharing the wreath that I have featured in my banner! I found this cute “Lovebird Inn” wreath at the thrift store for $2!  It was a little worn, but all it really needed was some new flowers and it would be perfect for our door.

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Easy Mod Podge Canister

As I went to work on my post for the Ultimate Blog Party that’s happening later this week, I added a collage photo which included a picture of this canister, BUT when I went to find a link to the post where I shared the canister, I didn’t find it. WHAT? That’s weird! I have the pictures of the canister filed under “Projects Already Posted.”  Could I have possibly made a mistake and mis-filed it, thinking I’d posted it, when I hadn’t?  I must be getting old! Haha!

So anyway here is a sort of  impromptu tutorial for this mod podge canister!

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