Love Bird Wreath Makeover

Today I am finally getting around to sharing the wreath that I have featured in my banner! I found this cute “Lovebird Inn” wreath at the thrift store for $2!  It was a little worn, but all it really needed was some new flowers and it would be perfect for our door.

The above picture is how it look before.  As you can see the flowers are a little drab and lacking.

I removed the flowers, except for the furn leaf and the little blue and purple flowers.

And of course I kept the nest in place. I just love bird nests!

And I kept the birdhouse and the little sign exactly the name.  The crazy thing is I could have spent $10 or more just on a nest, birdhouse, and sign, to duplicate this wreath! (Not to mention the painting and other work)

And finally I just added some new flower.  I got a couple of sprays at Wal-mart. I think these were $1.50-$2 each.  I used wirecutters to fit them to the wreath and then hotglued them in place.

What do you think?  Easy, huh!  And such a great value!

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  1. Your wreath is adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Jerri, I love it!! It’s so cute! I LOVE the purple!!

  3. Lovely wreath! Great find and great job making it over!

  4. Such a pretty wreath! Thanks so much for sharing!

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