Children’s Book Review: Little Blue Truck

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My son Thaxton LOVES it when I read books to him.  He always takes books off the shelves and brings them to me to read.  Sometimes we read a few of his books several times a day each!  The other day his dad called out the name of a book he’s only had a for a week, and Thaxton gave this excited look.  I told him the book was in his room.  The next thing I knew he was crawling toward his room.  I thought he’d bring back a random book or else get distracted by the toys in his room.  But in a few moments he returned with the correct book in hand.  (It was on an ottoman in his room stacked beneath 3 other books.)  Needless to say, I was very impressed that a 13 month old was able to recognize and bring back the right book.  I’m very excited at how much he loves to read, and I hope his love of reading continues!

This year I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog, Thaxton’s Book Nook, where I’ll be sharing some of the books Thaxton and I are reading.  It will give me the chance to give a little insight in to our days and what we are enjoying, and it will also give me the opportunity to recommend some good books for you guys and your kids! [Read more…]