Book Review: I Don’t Like to Eat Ants

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I’ve been reading to Thaxton since he was born, and he LOVES books!  A while back I was excited to receive a review copy of I Don’t Like to Eat Ants, written by JTK Belle and illustrated by Sabine Mielke.  Thaxton was immediately interested in this book, and it is now one of his favorites.

We actually just started doing Letter of the Week, and this was one of the books we used for the letter A.  Thaxton loves it so much he will often request it by saying, “anteater book.”

This is a great book for all ages.  But I’d say the ideal age group for the book would be 4 to 8 years old.

Thaxton is only 2, so he doesn’t fully understand the plot, but he still enjoys the book a lot.  It has a really fun rhyme scheme, which is great for toddlers.  And the whole book is actually a dialogue between the two anteaters, which allows you to have a lot of fun with the reading, doing voices and that sort of thing.  (In reading to Thaxton, I’ve found some of the most fun books to read are these books filled with dialogue/conversation.)

Apart from the great rhymes and humor, there is also a great storyline and a lesson to be learned.  The story is about an anteater who does not want to eat ants anymore.  His friend, Anteater 2, is outraged by this and cannot imagine eating anything other than ants.  Finally, the two anteaters go to a restaurant, and Anteater 1 convinces Anteater 2 to try an peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Anteater 2 is amazed that he actually likes it.  Anteater 1 then says, “I’m glad you tried something other than ants. You never know what you’ll like till you give it a chance.”

If you have a picky eater in your house or a kid who is reluctant to try new things than this book would definitely be a great way to start a conversation about trying new foods.  I think your kids will also find it entertaining and enjoyable, as we did!

You can order  I Don’t Like to Eat Ants on Amazon.

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Children’s Book Review: Llama Llama Red Pajama

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Children's Book Review

I’m very excited about this month’s book review. My son received Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney as a Christmas present.  I wasn’t familiar with the book, but I instantly loved it, and so did Thaxton!  A few days after receiving the book, my husband casually called out the title of the book, and Thaxton walked to his room.  I was amazed after a moment when he returned with the book.  (To top things off, he had to grab the book from underneath a stack of books on the ottoman in his room. It wasn’t exactly right in front of him.  Now I have fun every day challenging him to with a game of “find a book.”  I call out titles and most of the the time he grabs the right book.)


Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama is a fun and upbeat bedtime story.  It has a great rhyme scheme and rhythm your baby will love, and all moms should be able to relate to the fun story line.  Llama Llama Red Pajama is ready for bed, but when his mommy leaves the room, all is not well.  Baby Llama starts out with a small whimper for his mama and gradually gets louder and louder in his cries for his Mama. [Read more…]

Children’s Book Review: Little Blue Truck

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My son Thaxton LOVES it when I read books to him.  He always takes books off the shelves and brings them to me to read.  Sometimes we read a few of his books several times a day each!  The other day his dad called out the name of a book he’s only had a for a week, and Thaxton gave this excited look.  I told him the book was in his room.  The next thing I knew he was crawling toward his room.  I thought he’d bring back a random book or else get distracted by the toys in his room.  But in a few moments he returned with the correct book in hand.  (It was on an ottoman in his room stacked beneath 3 other books.)  Needless to say, I was very impressed that a 13 month old was able to recognize and bring back the right book.  I’m very excited at how much he loves to read, and I hope his love of reading continues!

This year I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog, Thaxton’s Book Nook, where I’ll be sharing some of the books Thaxton and I are reading.  It will give me the chance to give a little insight in to our days and what we are enjoying, and it will also give me the opportunity to recommend some good books for you guys and your kids! [Read more…]