Children’s Book Review: Little Blue Truck

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My son Thaxton LOVES it when I read books to him.  He always takes books off the shelves and brings them to me to read.  Sometimes we read a few of his books several times a day each!  The other day his dad called out the name of a book he’s only had a for a week, and Thaxton gave this excited look.  I told him the book was in his room.  The next thing I knew he was crawling toward his room.  I thought he’d bring back a random book or else get distracted by the toys in his room.  But in a few moments he returned with the correct book in hand.  (It was on an ottoman in his room stacked beneath 3 other books.)  Needless to say, I was very impressed that a 13 month old was able to recognize and bring back the right book.  I’m very excited at how much he loves to read, and I hope his love of reading continues!

This year I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog, Thaxton’s Book Nook, where I’ll be sharing some of the books Thaxton and I are reading.  It will give me the chance to give a little insight in to our days and what we are enjoying, and it will also give me the opportunity to recommend some good books for you guys and your kids! [Read more…]

New Book for Your Child: If I Could Climb Trees

If I could climb trees

As a mom, I love finding and recommending books, programming, and activities that are family friendly.  For kids, I particular look for items that allow children to have fun while using their imagination or learning something new.  The children’s illustrated children’s  book series Nuggies definitely falls in to this category, and they have new book coming out titled If I Could Climb Trees.  It is written by Jeff Minich and illustrated by Renan Garcia. The 32-page illustrated hardcover retails for $19.95 and is now available for pre-order at the low cost of $3.98 at the If I Could Climb Trees – Amazon Product Page.

If I Could Climb Trees is the fifth volume in the Nuggies book series. It is scheduled for publication on March 28, 2017.

In the book a little dog dreams and imagines all the things she could see and all the creatures she would meet if only she could climb trees. The book contains fun, whimsical images like bugs that wear shows on their feet and birds who have paws they use to bury treats.

If I Could Climb Trees is not only a sweet and fun bed time story for kid, but it also encourages them to use their imaginations and dream big!

Check out the for more information on these adorable children’s books at the Nuggies Website.  Also, get updates and download printable colors sheets at the Nuggies Facebook Page.


Health and Wellness Book Review and Giveaway

Health and Wellness Book Giveaway

Do you love home remedies and natural cures? If so then you will love today’s health and wellness book feature!  I recently got four books filled with recipes, tips, and inspiration for health and well being.  These are filled with tons of DIY inspiration, and they would also make great gifts if you have someone in your life who loves home cures and natural health and wellness products. [Read more…]

Home for the Holidays Giveaway Preview

Starting this week I’ll be participating in a fun, month-long giveaway hop called Home for the Holidays.  The hop revolves around holiday gifts and we have about a hundred bloggers participating as well as a grand prize from Nature’s Sleep!

For my giveaway package, I thought it would be fun to give away some books.  As a blogger who loves to share food, craft, and decor ideas, I think books that inspire new ideas in these areas make great gifts, so I was very happy when Ulysses Press agreed to us with a book bundle for this giveaway!

Book PackageHere’s a fully detailed list of the titles that will be included in our giveaway package! [Read more…]

Decadently Dark Candy Apples and Country Living’s Spooky & Bright Book

Spooky and Bright


Next week I’ll be participating in the Harvest Halloween Hop, where I and other bloggers will be giving away fall and Halloween themed prize packs. One of the items I will be giving away is a copy of Country Living Spooky & Bright: 101 Halloween Ideas. [Read more…]