Growing Our Garden

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Growing Our Garden

This spring my husband and I have taken on the task of building a lovely flower bed in our front yard, and it has been so much fun! It started as a simple off-hand conversation. I was looking through a catalog, and I came across the prettiest photograph of a flower garden. Without much thought I said, “I wish we could build something like this in our yard.”

I used the word “wish” because at the time, my husband was still healing up from a broken back. Not only was it a bad time for him to be out laboring in the yard, but we were also watching our pennies because he wasn’t working.  But as with a lot of things, when my husband gets an idea, he is determined to make it happen, and if you tell him not to do something, he will be even more determined to do it, so within days, we started working on our flower bed.  And again, I have to say that it has been so much fun!  It’s given us the chance to work on an ongoing project together, which is great.  And each day we get to go out and see what’s growing in the garden.  Whether a bloom has just opened up or a plant has grown by a mere inch, I find it all very fun and exciting. [Read more…]

How to Order Flowers for an Affordable Price

flower basket

Flowers make a beautiful and striking gift for someone you care about; they also make a vibrant addition to your home if you want to treat yourself. There is a huge variety of flowers to choose from, including roses, sunflowers lilies, orchids and daisies. Each flower evokes its own thoughts and emotions; roses bring thoughts of romance and passion, white lilies have a purity about them and orchids have a really stylish vibe.

If you want to buy flowers as a gift, or for someone else, the best thing to do is check out a reputable florist such as Flowers for Everyone. They have a wide variety of bouquets to choose from, to suit most budgets. You can get a beautiful bouquet for around AU$45-50 if you choose to. On the other hand you can choose to purchase a more expensive bouquet for upwards of AU$100. We are going to take a look at ways in which you can keep the cost of buying a bouquet at an affordable level.

Buy flowers that are in season

Most reputable florists have access to any flower that you want to order; this does not mean that the access is easy. If you order flowers that are not in season then they will have to be imported from another country; these import costs add to the price of the flowers.

For this reason it makes sense to choose flowers that are in season if you want to try and keep the purchase price down. There are certain flowers that are grown throughout the year, like roses, certain types of lily, carnation, chrysanthemum and gladiolus. You may want to consider these flowers as part of the bouquet you are ordering.

Buy outside of busy periods

If you can buy flowers outside of busy periods then it’s a good idea to do so; for instance if you are buying a bouquet to simply say thank you then you may not want to make the purchase on or around Mother’s Day when flower prices can increase. Some people do not even buy Mother’s Day bouquets for the day itself, but order the delivery to be made a couple of weeks early instead. It is sometimes possible to save money this way. Of course, the bouquet may not have the same impact as it would if it was delivered on the actual day.

Check for special offers

Flowers are no different to any other item you can purchase online, in that you will sometimes find great offers available at online florists. These offers may either come at a really fortuitous time, when you were intending to buy flowers anyway, or they may actually tempt you to buy some flowers online. Either way you make a saving on your purchase.

Buying a bouquet of flowers does not have to be a hugely expensive task. There are plenty of ways in which you can obtain a bouquet at a very affordable price.

Getting Ready for Gardening Season with Blooming Secrets

flower basket

Any time we can, we like to work on do it yourself projects to improve our home inside and out. But sometimes I get a little intimidated at the prospects of certain projects.  My biggest fear is that I will start a project and run in to a road block along the way.  Potential road blocks include needing more tools and materials (which means I need to spend more money),  getting in to a point in the project and finding that I don’t know what I’m doing or cannot complete the project,  or “completing” the project but finding that I didn’t get the results I was looking for.

Gardening and landscaping are projects that are quite involved and can be intimidating.  Not only do you have a lot of work to do in the hot sun while you dig in the dirt and carry heavy materials and supplies around, but at the end of the day, you are going to have something that everyone in the neighborhood will be seeing, so of course, you are hoping that it looks perfect. [Read more…]

Give the Gift of Lilies This Spring

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of iBulb for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Things are finally starting to warm up around here, and that means spring flowers are finally blooming! With Mother’s Day right around the corner it is the perfect time to consider showering mom, grandma, the wife, or your other favorite mom with gifts like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Traditionally we associate roses as the the romantic flower of choice, but there are so many other options out there!  Consider some gladiolus and irises, or lilies.

When you think of lilies you probably think of white Easter lilies, but in fact they come a variety of beautiful, bright colors, that are perfect for spring.  I, for one, have always been a fan of yellow flowers, so I absolutely love the arrangement pictured above!

But you can also find lilies in bright pink, red, orange, and pastel colors, and they are even more beautiful when you create a mixed arrangment.  Don’t you just love the mix of colors pictured here?

Aside from Mother’s Day, we also have Administrative Professionals Day this month, as well Father’s Day coming up in June, which are both perfect occasions for which to send flowers.  And of course, lilies are also perfect for weddings and anniversaries.

If you like flower arrangements for your home, lilies would be beautiful for that too.  Just imagine the beautiful arrangement above sitting on a table in your living room or foyer, or perhaps as a centerpiece in your dining room.

It is amazing how creative you can get with flowers, just using different flower combinations or using a unique vase or other container to complement your flowers. If you would like more ideas and inspriration to help you create the perfect arrangment for Mother’s Day or other occasions, check out iBulb’s Pinterest page.

And if you are a gardener you should also consider growing these beautiful flowers in your own garden.  Look for bulbs at your local garden center, grocery store, or flower shop.



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Fall Sunflower Wreath

sunflower wreath

I normally think of sunflowers as a summer flower.  I remember walking through my aunt and uncle’s garden when I was a kid.  They had beautiful rows of sunflowers and was just amazed by their size and look.  Today I’m taking this summer flower and mixing it with some other fall elements to create beautiful fall sunflower wreath.  And to add even more warmth to these bright fall colors, this wreath is lighted with LED lights from Christmas Lights Etc. [Read more…]