Growing Our Garden

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Growing Our Garden

This spring my husband and I have taken on the task of building a lovely flower bed in our front yard, and it has been so much fun! It started as a simple off-hand conversation. I was looking through a catalog, and I came across the prettiest photograph of a flower garden. Without much thought I said, “I wish we could build something like this in our yard.”

I used the word “wish” because at the time, my husband was still healing up from a broken back. Not only was it a bad time for him to be out laboring in the yard, but we were also watching our pennies because he wasn’t working.  But as with a lot of things, when my husband gets an idea, he is determined to make it happen, and if you tell him not to do something, he will be even more determined to do it, so within days, we started working on our flower bed.  And again, I have to say that it has been so much fun!  It’s given us the chance to work on an ongoing project together, which is great.  And each day we get to go out and see what’s growing in the garden.  Whether a bloom has just opened up or a plant has grown by a mere inch, I find it all very fun and exciting.

First Flower Bed

To build our garden, we tilled up a nice square of land, where a tree used to grow in our yard.  After tilling up the ground, we framed it with some landscaping timbers and adding some potting soil.  We started out by planting some bulbs (the white squares in the photo above are where we marked the spot of our bulbs).  And so that we would not have a square full of dirt, we decided to purchase a few plants.

Monrovia is a leading brand when it comes to growing BEAUTIFUL plants, and you can find many of their selections at your local Lowe’s store or you can order them online.  Just look for plants in green Monrovia pots like this one:


We started out with a couple of small perennial bushes on the corners and a few Gerber Daisies.  The Gerber Dasies are so cute and they come in several bright colors.  Because these are annuals, that means they only bloom once, so they’re actually great to sit on your front porch, like so:


Since we’ve started growing our garden, we’ve also bought a number of perennials from Monrovia at Lowe’s.  Perrenials are plants that will bloom year after year.

When shopping for your flowers at Lowe’s, just read the tags stuck in the dirt to find out if it is an annual or a perennial.  Apart from that, you should also check the tags to find out what kind of sunlight the plant needs.  Our flower bed is located in the middle of our yard, so all the plants we chose need “Full Sun.” Of course, you should choose plants that go best with your lighting conditions.

Once you’ve chosen your plants, you just need to pick a spot, dig a hole, carefully remove the plant from its plastic Monrovia pot, place the plant in the hole, and pat the dirt in around it.  As for placement, I’ve always been the type that likes things to congruent, and I like for things to be in a nice pattern, but in this case, my husband convinced me that we should just have fun planting without any reason or rhyme, and I think that’s worked out pretty well for us.  After planting, we’ve watered our garden spot every day, except for days when we’ve had rain, and everything seems to be growing up beautifully.

Now let’s see what else has been growing in our garden!

After 8 Asiatic Lilies

We’ve purchased a number of lovely perennials.  I was immediately drawn to the After 8 Asiatic Lily.  Isn’t the color gorgeous?  Not only does this plant feature a bold and beautiful color, it also has big blooms, and when it opens up, it smells so fragrant!

Golden Sphere Coreopsis

Because a lot of the bulbs that we purchased will be producing pink, red, and white flowers, I just had to find something yellow or orange to create balance.  (Plus, yellow is one of my favorite colors!)  The plant above features smaller puffy blooms in a yellow-orange color. It is called a Golden Sphere Coreopsis.

Fire Star Maiden Pink

We also a small flower full of red blooms called a Fire Star Maiden Pink.

Dwarf Asiatic Lilies

And my favorite flower we’ve purchased is the Dwarf Asiatic Lily.  This particular lily is shorter than the other one I’ve shared, and the blooms are smaller, but it makes up for its dwarf size with its bold and beautiful colors of orange and red.  I could have a whole garden of these, they are so pretty!

Here’s our garden as it now stands.  As you can imagine, a lot of our plants have already bloomed, and we have others that will be blooming sooner or later.

Flower Bed

Do you love gardening?  I’d love to hear what you’ve got growing in your garden!  Please tell us in the comments of this post.

And don’t forget to check out Monrovia to find the best plants to grow in your garden.



  1. Wow! Flowers all over and this is exactly the kind of garden I’m dreaming to have also. I love flowers for that matter but I don’t have the talent for gardening. I hope it can be learned because I really want to have one in the house and I want to do it all by myself too, I mean the planting of these beautiful flowers. Thanks for inspiring me.

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