5 Tips for Runners With Flat Feet

Flat feet refers to a condition where your soles are flat and don’t have any arches. As a result, the entire soles of your feet touch the ground whenever you are standing, walking, or running.

While flat feet typically don’t cause any problems, they can be painful in some cases. This is especially true for runners with flat feet, who often find themselves in noticeable pain after each running session.

With that being said, managing the condition with a few approaches can help. If you are a runner with flat feet, trying the following 5 tips can work wonders in finding relief from foot pain.

1. Invest in Arch Supports

Arch support instruments can give your flat feet the required arch structure. You simply need to place these arch supports in your shoes. From there,

you can find a noticeable difference in the pressure you feel while walking regularly with flat feet.

Most of these arch supports can also pair seamlessly with staple shoes in your closet. This allows you to wear the same footwear that you usually do, but with the assurance that it would lessen the pain that comes afterwards. Arch supports can be a bit tricky to manage with different types of shoes. But many people get used to the feeling after the initial period of wearing them.

2. Buy Special Footwear

If you want to go a step further and steer clear of pain to a significant degree, you can invest in some of the best shoes for flat feet. These shoes are specially designed for flat feet, which gives them built-in arch support. This provides you with a better structural foundation, and results in increased relief from pain.

These shoes are easy to wear and pose no hassle of using additional instruments. This means that you don’t have to spare any more funds for additional arch support. In turn, you are free to buy accessories such as a leather belt or a comfy pair of socks.

3. Rest Your Feet

Even when you find a certain sense of joy in running and have the perfect residential area for running daily, it’s important that you relax after each session. This makes sure that your flat feet do not continue feeling the pressure on their soles. As a result, this relief from pressure can lower your chances of suffering from pain.

This resting period calls for staying off of your feet, which means that sitting on your comfy couch or relaxing in bed can help. You can also purchase a comfortable foot stool, which helps you rest your feet even when you are working at your desk, and you might want to get a nice moisturizing foot mask so you can really pamper them, too.

4. Look Into Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a highly effective method to help people with improving their mobility. It is also very efficacious when it comes to alleviating pain from flat feet. By discussing your condition with your physician, you can get a recommendation for a qualified physical therapist.

Qualified therapists often give you exercises to perform at the physical therapy site and at your own home. These stretching and movement exercises allow your feet’s muscles to receive targeted pressure, which can help with pain relief. Some therapists may also recommend equipment such as a foot massager, but it depends on a case to case basis.

5. Explore Alternative Pain Relievers

Pain relief medicines and especially over the counter (OTC) medication can help you when your flat feet pain is off the charts. This includes orally-ingested pills, topical pain relievers, as well as alternative methods such as aromatherapy. Depending on your level of comfort, you can discuss these approaches with your doctor and adopt them to see how well they work for you.

This ensures that you can find an effective OTC pain relieving method that could help you after each running session. As a result, you are able to manage an active lifestyle but without having to depend on addictive medicine or painstaking measures.

By following these tips, you can find effective pain relief approaches that help you with your flat feet. From wearing special footwear to applying specific medication, the right tips can ensure that you live your life to the fullest and do not get held back by your condition.  

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