Classic Staple Items for Your Closet 

Trends don’t hang around forever, so stocking your closet with the most basic wardrobe essentials can help when it comes to the ever-changing styles. The staple items in your closet will be your go-to when you plan your outfits for the next day. There are many must-haves when it comes to staple items, but some are much more important than others are.

Little Black Dress 

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. There’s so much you can do with a plus size little black dress, from super fancy looks to ones that are much more casual. Many people decide to only wear it one way because that’s what they’re used to and most comfortable with. For a more rebellious look, pair your dress with faux leather leggings, a leather jacket, and biker boots. To dress up the look more for a fancy event, pair it with formal statement jewelry, a clutch, and a jacket. Another way you can wear a little black dress is to wear a long-sleeved button-up shirt under it with a cute pair of pumps. 

Jean Jacket 

Jean jackets are amazing for any season. The most versatile option that works with most styles is a medium wash. There are many ways to wear these fun jackets. For a sexy look, pair a jean jacket with a crop top and high waisted jeans. You can also dress up the look by wearing it over a long flowy dress. For a grungier look, you can wear a flannel shirt underneath with a pair of ripped jeans. If you’re tired of wearing blue jean jackets, it wouldn’t hurt to switch it up for a white one. These look equally as good with just about anything. 

Black and Gray Pants 

You should always have a nice pair of black dress pants in your wardrobe. These are ideal for when you need to dress up some and look professional. Typical office attire would be a pair of black pants, a white button-up shirt, a cardigan, and a pair of flats. You can also take your professionalism up a notch and add a matching blazer instead of a cardigan. 

Gray pants are also needed for your wardrobe and can be worn in various ways. Keep it casual with rolled-up gray pants paired with sneakers and a tee shirt. Dress up the look with a tucked-in button-up shirt, tie, belt, and black shoes. You can also add a blazer to dress up the look more. 


Not everyone wants to wear high heels all the time. Simple flats are just as good because they’re simple, yet they help complete any outfit. They can make any outfit look professional, but they also work for keeping it casual. There are different types of flats you can wear including ballet, pointy toe, loafers, moccasins, and above the ankle flats. 


Blazers are also a good staple in your closet for when you need to look professional, such as when you’re attending an interview. Blazers are fun because you can dress up with them in many ways. One way to wear a blazer is closed with a solid color shirt underneath, paired with leggings or black skinny jeans and black knee-high boots. You can also wear it closed with a short skirt and high boots. The options are endless. 

There’s so much you can do with the staple items in your closet. Having these items on hand can help you save money because you’ll already have the basic items you’ll need for just about any outfit. 


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