9 Surprising Benefits Of Moving To A Rural Area

People in rural areas dream often of escaping to the big city. Many people don’t realize that the reverse is often just as true. There is a significant rise in people moving from heavily built-up areas to quiet living in the countryside. Here are some of the surprising benefits of rural living.

Healthier Air The air quality in rural areas is purer than in urban areas. Lower pollution and more greenery contribute to this, making rural areas ideal for raising children healthily.

Better Mental Health

Rural areas have less mental stimulation than city living provides. This has an incredible impact on mental health, reducing anxiety and stress. You should consider moving to a rural area if you are experiencing poor mental health.

Lower Crime Rates

Rural residents are less likely to be victims of crime. You should consider a move to the countryside if you are thinking of raising a family or retiring for the peace of mind you will receive.

Mortgage Options

There is a significant initiative to incentivize families to move to rural areas. Take a look at this information on the USDA loan from The Home Loan Expert to see the benefits.  What is the usda loan? This type of loan allows you to get a mortgage without a down payment, provided you qualify and move to an approved rural area.

Simple Living

We are inundated by marketing, social media and the fast pace of modern life. A return to simple living can be an excellent way to take care of your mental health and get more out of your life. You can spend more quality time with your family and focus on what makes you happy.

Pet Friendly

If you want to keep larger pets such as dogs or horses, you should move to a rural area. Urban areas are too built up to support a larger animal, and, in the country, they will have a better quality of life.

Cost Of Living

If urban living has become unmanageable, the cost of living in the countryside is an excellent alternative. Everything from groceries to houses is cheaper on average in rural areas.

When you experience a lower cost of living, you’ll have more disposable income that you can use to treat yourself, such as investing in cosmetic dentistry to improve your teeth’s appearance, or even something extravagant like purchasing a new sports car!

Connecting With Nature

If you are tired of the asphalt and concrete of a city, then the serene greenery of the countryside is an excellent alternative. Rural areas have plenty of wildlife and scenery to explore, making a perfect antidote to city living.

Easier Exercising

Outdoor exercise is much easier in rural areas. You will have a beautiful backdrop for running and could take up activities like horseback riding.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to rural living compared to urban areas. The countryside is an excellent and safe place to raise a family and get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. It will also have a remarkable impact on your mental, physical and financial health.

A move to the countryside can be beneficial to anyone, but you should particularly consider it if you are raising a family, nearing retirement or have ongoing health conditions.

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