How to Freshen Your Walls with Frames from Picture Frame Guys

Picture Frame

As you get ready organize and decorate your home in this new year, you can instantly create new looks in any room just by updating your family photos and picture frames.  Picture Frame Guys has premier frames in a variety of types and colors, as well as other supplies.  And their site is also a great resource of information on the materials and process of framing.

Even First Time Buyers will find it easy to place their orders, by following their four easy steps: Frame, Mat, Mounting Board and Glass.

When choosing your frame, you get to pick between the traditional wooden frame and a more contemporary metal frame.

Next you will choose your matting.  The primary purpose is to put an air space between the glass and the artwork so that the two do not stick to each other over time. A secondary purpose of matting is to create a border between the frame and the artwork, thereby drawing the viewers eye inward, towards the piece.  For matting, you will need to choose the grade of matting you would like, as well as the number of layers, and the color(s).

Next you will choose your mounting board, and finally you will choose your glazing.  You can choose standard, anti-glare, ultra violet reducing glazing.

The perfect frame and matting will really give your artwork and family photos something extra and make them really pop!

For more information on framing and the products at Picture Frame Guys  check out their FAQ.