Researching Your Insurance Benefits is Time Well Spent

As we prepare for the fall season, we get wrapped up in back to school shopping, after school snacks, and other seasonal preparation.  With everything going on, it is easy to forget that it is open enrollment for health insurance.  I never knew how important insurance was until my dad had a heart attack several years ago.  It was a very stressful time period, and it was a big relief for us the next day when someone came out to discuss his benefits.  I know this ordeal has greatly impacted the way my dad studies  his benefits and looks at open enrollment, and it’s definitely had an impact on me as well.

Researching Your Insurance Benefits

The whole process of researching insurance benefits probably sounds boring and tedious to most people, so to help with the process, I recommend looking at your options with your spouse.  This way you can bounce ideas off each other, discussing your current and future needs, and you will both know what you are getting. I like to think of it as a board meeting for your household.  And if you need help getting your counterpart to the table for the meeting, consider a nice bribe, such as their favorite meal! [Read more…]