Healthy Dog Treats from True Science and VETIQ

Hip and Joint + Minties Dog Snacks

Last month, I shared some cat treats and flea medication that my cats received from the great folks at True Science.  The Simply Sweet Home kitties were so happy to receive their product package, and our puppy girl Shadow was just as excited to receive a similar package this month.

Her box included 2 packages of healthy dog snacks from VETIQ.  She got a package of soft chews for hip & joint health and a package of dental treats. [Read more…]

Minties Dog Treat Review

Minties Dog Treats

As you know, we love our animals here at Simply Sweet Home.  Recently the dogs, Odie and Scrappy (or Ode & Scrap, if you will), got the chance to sample some Minties Dental Treats and try a little VetGuard Plus flea and mosquito treatment.  Odie and Scrappy were very excited about the opportunity to try the Minties treat, because hey, it’s food!  And we were excited about the prospects of offering them a treat with dental benefits….fresh breath and clean teeth.  (Way easier than trying to use doggy toothpaste!)

Each Minties Dental Treat contains five natural ingredients that work in your dog’s mouth and stomach to promote fresh breath and reduce unpleasant odors:

  • Mint promotes minty fresh breath.
  • Parsley contains enzymes that help break down odor-causing particles in the stomach.
  • Dill helps inhibit bacterial growth and helps prevent early stages of gingivitis.
  • Fennel helps control bacteria and is a natural breath freshener.
  • Chlorophyll from alfalfa balances acid levels in the stomach and helps deodorize your dog’s body.

Odie with Minties

Both dogs enjoyed the treats.  And we could definitely smell the mint on their breath!  Scrappy liked his especially.  He immediately went to town, eating it, and he growled when he thought we were going to take it from him.  As he chomped on his bone, he was so into to it, he didn’t notice that small pieces of his bone had fallen on the floor.  Odie seized this as an opportunity to eat Scrap’s…..err….scraps!

But Scrappy got his revenge….after he finished off his bone, we found Odie’s on the floor and starting chowing down on it too, an action which received much protest and indignation, in the form of barking from Odie.

Scrappy with Minties

Before we tried Minties, my husband wasn’t sure how the dogs would like them.  Odie and Scrappy can be quite finicky when it comes to dog food after all, but they seemed to really like the treats, and I’m sure they would recommend them to you and your dogs!



Disclosure: We received samples for the review. The opinions are my own.