Curtains or Blinds? The Ups & Downs of Both

Modern city living is fast-paced and it’s a wonderful feeling when you take possession of your very first home; this is a time for decisions, Where to live? What type of house do I want? One aspect of home ownership is screening; no one wants to live in a fishbowl and without some form of screening, that’s exactly what you have! Turn on a light and people can see everything, even a few hundred metres away!

What are the options?

The average home has around 14 windows of varying size and it makes sense to be uniform with screening; the choices are curtains or blinds and in this short blog, we take a look at both.


Traditional and somewhat elegant, curtains have been around as long as windows, if not longer! The advantages include blackout potential and thermal insulation, while the fabric can become part of the design. One downside is that cleaning can be a problem, depending on the fabric, dry cleaning is one option, or you might be able to wet-wash and iron. Longer curtains need weights sewn into the hem to prevent crinkling. Tracking can be complex, with a few strings that pull curtain rings attached on some form of track. While curtains come in kit form, we recommend having the curtains custom made by a reputable local company.

Blinds When you look at stunning Venetian blinds for New Zealand homes from an award-winning company, it is easy to understand why blinds are so popular. From timber to aluminium or a rich fabric, the choices are indeed many and custom-made blinds? Well, it doesn’t get any better! Blinds are functional and afford the ability to fine-tune shading and, most importantly, to see without being seen.


The following blinds styles are popular in Australia,

· Venetian blinds

· Vertical blinds

· Roman blinds

· Roller blinds

· Pleated blinds

Within these styles, there are many variables and if you choose a top-rated blinds company, the units will look great and fit perfectly.

Vertical blinds are popular as the slats do not gather dust and are easy to clean with a damp cloth; most offices have vertical blinds, which allow you to fine-tune by tilting the slats, as well as opening and closing. Click here for ways to up the vintage vibe in your home.

One stop solution

Whether blinds or curtains, search online for a leading NZ company that offers made-to-measure blinds that are installed by professionals. They would be happy to send a technician to your home and you can both discuss the many options and when you find the right combination, they can quote an all-inclusive price. Such a company would use the best tracking systems, with powered options that are remotely controlled and there are so many choices regarding material and design. Home improvements won’t be far from your mind and over time, you can make some appealing changes.

Once the screening is complete, you can move in and start arranging things, which is an exciting prospect.

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