5 Ways To Up The Vintage Vibe in Your Home

Are you fed up with the modern theme in most people’s homes? Do you want your home décor to look a bit more retro?

This is a quirky and fun way to design your home, allowing you to experiment with different colors, different accessories, and different items to really pull the vintage vibe together.

Unsure of where to start? Here are some interesting design ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

The Flooring

Starting with the flooring, it has to be either carpets with rugs or tiles. Usually, the tiles are made of a lighter stone, like Quorn stone, to add brightness to the space that they are in. If you are laying carpets, opt for cream or pale colors. Try not to match the walls with the carpets, as this can overly saturate a room,

Color Scheme When you think of a vintage home, you aren’t going to think of the greys, dark reds, and vibrant teals that are seen in many homes designed to look modern. Indeed, the color scheme is paler and is a bit more pastel. So, if you want to make your living room look more vintage or retro, choose your favorite color and then find the pastel version of it. Same for all the other rooms in the house! There are no real bold colors in a vintage home, except maybe the dresses.

Antique Furniture

Truly vintage furniture can cost a fortune, and if you don’t have a fortune to spend decorating your home, it can feel very hard to get a true vintage vibe going.

However, there are some online retailers that specialize in making furniture from set decades, such as the 1920s onwards, so you can choose newly made furniture that has a vintage vibe. If you have a car, it can be worth driving around to antique stores to assess the furniture that they have available, as it can save you a fortune in shipping costs!

White Goods

Of course, what would a vintage home be without a traditional fridge, oven, and even bathroom appliances?

If you have the money to splash, here is one area where you can really up the vintage theme. Aim to look for kitchen items and bathroom items that are either based on 1950s or other vintage period furniture or opt to redesign modern pieces to fit that mold. The latter is trickier and only really recommended for those who have more than a few years of practicing DIY, as you will want the appliances to work, too! If you are having a gas oven fitted, make sure that it passes all of the required safety checks before cooking food in it!

Wall Art

OK, so vintage wall art is not going to be made from metal and look like it belongs in the Tate Modern.

In most homes that have a vintage vibe, the artwork on the walls is classic posters or even classic art pieces. Think of the 1950s posters that were advertising things like pancakes in a café or even famous brands of washing powder. Have these framed, and you’ve got yourself a nice piece of vintage wall art!

These have the advantage of being found in reprint form online for relatively low prices, so you don’t need to spend a great deal of money here!

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