6 Fun Ways to Build Confidence in Your Kids

If you are reading this right now, there is a good chance that you have a kid who is a bit shy and you’re worried about them. Well, there really is no need to worry (although I get it, you’re a parent, and worrying is your middle name) because there are tons of things, fun things in fact, you can do to build confidence in your kids right now as you will see below.

  1. The Mighty Power of Praise

Alright, this isn’t exactly rocket science, but a simple “Great job!” can launch your child’s confidence to the moon and back. Remember, though, it’s not just about empty words – you need to be very specific with your praise. Tell them exactly what they did great and watch them beam with pride!

  1. The Success of Sports

One of the absolute best ways to build confidence in your kids is to enroll them in a sport. They may never be the best in their class, but as they visit the gymnastics club or the football field week after week and improve their skills more and more, their confidence will surely grow, and they’ll get fit and have lots of fun into the bargain, so what’s not to love?

  1. The Great Kitchen Experiment

Why not turn your kitchen into a science lab? Let your kids play chef, and they’ll be whipping up tasty treats for the whole family in no time at all. And hey, if they mess up? No biggie! Mistakes are the secret ingredients to learning, and the more they learn, the bigger their confidence will grow. Plus, y’know, you’ll get a free cupcake or two thrown in, and who doesn’t love a cupcake?

  1. The Fantastic Failure Party

Did I just say “failure party?” You bet I did! It’s never a bad idea to teach your kids that it’s okay to fail by celebrating mistakes. So, each and every time they mess up, do a silly dance or give them a high-five. They’ll soon realize that mistakes aren’t scary monsters but stepping stones to success.

  1. Art Attack!

Break out the paints, glitter, and all things colorful. Let your little Picasso create their masterpiece without worrying about if they can stay in the lines or whether they’re following the rules. The great thing about art is that there really are no rights and wrongs – your artistic expression is your own, so it is a great way for kids to build confidence in themselves.

  1. Be a Dream Detective

Encourage your kids to set big, crazy, exciting goals, and then be their partner in crime to achieve them. Whether they have a burning desire to build the ultimate LEGO tower or set to work writing their first ever novel. show them that dreams are possible. Keep a “Dream Journal” and watch their confidence soar as they tick off their achievements. You’re sure to see a big change in them if you do.

Confidence can be innate, but it can also be built, so stop worrying and start helping your kids feel good about themselves!

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