Best Cities in Washington for Raising Kids

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the best cities in Washington for raising kids. If you’re considering a move, Washington’s blend of nature, community, and educational excellence is hard to beat. This blog dives into the unique characteristics of the top cities in the Evergreen State, providing key insights to assist you in finding your perfect neighborhood. It’s not just about the larger city, but the community that will shape your family’s experiences. Let’s embark on a journey to discover what makes these cities in Washington ideal for raising kids.

5 Best Cities in Washington for Raising Kids

Beyond its stunning landscapes and abundant outdoor adventures, Washington State offers an enriching environment for families. From the majestic Mount Rainier to the serene Puget Sound, there’s a lifetime of exploration at your doorstep. Coupled with an education system renowned for its quality and towns bursting with community spirit, Washington is an idyllic backdrop for creating lasting family memories.

Choosing the right city to raise a family involves careful consideration of several key aspects. Our list prioritizes safety, ensuring your children grow up in a secure environment. We also

evaluate the quality of education, range of amenities, availability of outdoor activities, and community engagement in each city. These factors come together to create an ideal nurturing atmosphere where kids can thrive and help you to keep your family healthy. With this in mind, let’s explore the top 5 cities in Washington for raising kids.

Redmond: The Bicycle Capital with a Heart for Kids

Affectionately known as the bicycle capital of the Northwest, Redmond is an exciting city for families who love an active lifestyle. Bike-friendly streets and nature trails offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Redmond’s vibrant tech scene, home to industry giants like Microsoft, provides a buzzing atmosphere of innovation that extends to its schools, renowned for their focus on STEM education. This combination of outdoor living and quality education makes Redmond an outstanding city for raising kids.

Newcastle: A Mix of Urban and Suburban Bliss

Nestled between Bellevue and Renton, Newcastle blends urban convenience with suburban serenity, making it a prime choice among cities in Washington for raising kids. Its school system, part of the highly-rated Issaquah School District, consistently produces excellent academic results. Newcastle’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, contributing to a safe environment for children. Also, Newcastle movers can assist you in making the transition smooth and stress-free. With a close-knit community that values engagement and collaboration, Newcastle truly embodies family-friendly living.

Sammamish: Surrounded by Nature’s Playground

Sammamish, encircled by lakes, hills, and parks, offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, making it a playground for nature-loving families. This city’s commitment to outdoor living is matched only by its dedication to education. As part of both the Lake Washington and Issaquah school districts, Sammamish children have access to some of the best schools in the state. In Sammamish, kids not only learn from books but also from the abundant nature surrounding them.

Mercer Island: An Island Oasis for Families

Located in the southern portion of Lake Washington, Mercer Island provides a unique island lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences of urban living. The close-knit community, excellent safety records, and highly-rated Mercer Island School District create a nurturing environment for children. With its beautiful parks and beaches, kids can grow up with an appreciation for nature, while its top-tier education prepares them for a promising future.

Bellevue: A Modern City with a Homely Feel

Bellevue strikes a beautiful balance between modern urban development and family-friendly community living. Known for its cultural diversity, Bellevue exposes children to a variety of cultures and experiences, promoting a broad worldview. It boasts numerous parks and recreational facilities that encourage an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the Bellevue School

District consistently ranks among the top in the nation, ensuring your children receive an excellent education. As you contemplate this move, Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage advises you on the best neighborhoods to suit your family’s needs and aspirations.

Comparative Table: Quick Overview of The Best Cities

For a concise snapshot of the key characteristics of each of these family-friendly cities, we’ve prepared a comparative table. This table provides quick access to important metrics such as population size, school district ratings, and median household income. It’s designed to help you make an informed decision by comparing these cities at a glance, offering a valuable overview that complements the detailed insights provided in our city-specific sections.

Why These Cities Stand Out from the Rest

While many cities in Washington offer wonderful living conditions, our chosen cities stand out for their unique fusion of quality education, safety, and a strong community spirit. Each city provides an enriching environment that not only fosters well-rounded growth for children but also helps encourage your children to go to school and enjoy it. Whether it’s Newcastle’s seamless blend of urban and suburban life, Redmond’s bike-friendly culture, Sammamish’s embrace of nature, Mercer Island’s island charm, or Bellevue’s multicultural vibrancy, these attributes distinguish them as truly excellent cities for raising kids in Washington.


In navigating the journey of parenthood, choosing the right city for your family can greatly impact the quality of life and experiences for your children. The cities we’ve highlighted in this guide truly stand out as the top cities in Washington for raising kids, each offering its unique blend of community, education, safety, and outdoor activities. We invite you to delve deeper, visit these places, and feel the unique charm they offer. Remember, your journey doesn’t end here. Engage with us in the comments below, share your experiences, or ask questions. We’re here to assist you in finding your perfect Washington home.

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