How To Encourage Your Child To Go To School And Enjoy It

If you want your child to succeed in school, you will want to encourage them to go and encourage them to enjoy it. 

You might already know that your child might not enjoy the school experience, so here are some ways to ensure they are prepared and encouraged to go and have the best experience. 


Let them practice being in the school environment

If a child can practice and get a taste of what it is like in a school environment, it can prove to them how fun it can be. Plus, it will show you what they do not enjoy so you can help improve it for when they attend a full-time school. 

A Pre School can help your children socialize and spend more time around others, which can enhance growth, and confidence, improve their cognitive skills, and increase a child’s curiosity. 

If you want your child to feel more prepared and excited for school, it will certainly help to encourage them to join a preschool to get them ready for the future of education. 

Reward them

Another smart way to get your child to love school is to reward them. Whether your child passes their exam or gets a good word from their teacher about their behavior, it is a good idea to reward them. Rewarding your children shows them they have done something good. A small act of praise will prove that they are doing the right thing and they will want to receive more rewards, which will encourage them to be good and attentive in school.

Ensure not to reward them for every small thing as this could cause them to expect a gift every time they do something positive. For the smaller things, you can reward them with your words. Showing you are proud of them will still encourage them to continue their behavior.

Encourage friendships

Encouraging friendships will ensure your child feels comfortable going to school. It can be difficult to spend all day at school and during break times if you do not have friends. We know how it feels if we go somewhere and do not know anyone. This feeling can be scarier for children.

Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage friendships from day one. You could encourage them to go and speak to someone that is playing on the first day. You could get chatting with their parent and soon enough, all be friends. When your child has a friend at school, they will feel more encouraged to go as they will want to see them. 

Attend their parent’s evenings and utilize the feedback

It is essential to attend parents’ evenings at your child’s school as it will ensure you keep stay up to date with their achievements and behavior. 

Speaking to your child’s teachers will allow you to get to know more about how they are in school and whether you need to push them or help them externally. 

Whatever feedback the teachers give you, it is a good idea to utilize it. For instance, they might say they struggle with maths. Hence, you can help them learn more outside of school and ensure to keep an eye on their homework to ensure they are understanding it with extra help. 

Take them and pick them up

If your child does not like getting the bus because of older children or because they do not know anyone, it can be a good idea to take them and pick them up. 

Doing so will ensure they feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed on their way to and from school. If they do not have a stressful journey, they can focus more when they are at school. Plus, going to school with you might make them feel more motivated, which can further encourage them to perform well at school. 

Help them with home learning

All children will be given home learning, which is good to help or assist with. If your child understands everything, it can be good to sit back and watch them learn and fill out their homework. Keeping an eye on them will ensure they get it done before the deadline and you can help them with any mistakes. 

If your child finds home learning difficult, it can be a good idea to assist them with the answers. Do not give them the answers but instead, help them get there. If they get help with their home learning, they will learn more and understand the mistakes they are making. 

Encourage them to do further reading

Doing further reading outside of school is great for children to do better in school. 

The more they learn, the more fun and understandable the classes will be. If they do not know anything about a topic or subject, it might cause them to feel confused or bored during lessons. 

Show an interest

Showing an interest in your child’s school life will ensure they have someone to talk to about the good and bad things.

For instance, they might want to tell you all about a wonderful new teacher and their favorite topic. Or, they might have a concern, and ensuring they have someone to talk to will guarantee they can get help to find a resolution. 

Help them with subjects they find difficult outside of school

Your child might find a certain subject difficult and if so, it is a good idea to help them with it outside of school.

For example, if they find history difficult to grasp, doing extra learning with them outside of school will give them the opportunity to learn it in a new way. They might not understand it due to the teacher’s way of learning or the topic. If you can offer them external lessons, it will further their knowledge of the subject, which they can take to school with them. 

Soon enough, your child feel will more comfortable and understanding in the lessons they once found challenging. 

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