6 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Season to Visit NYC with Your Family

What is the best season to visit New York is a highly debated question. But, since you are planning a trip to New York with your family, let us tell you that you picked the right season! There is no time better to visit the Big Apple with your partner and with your children than now. That is then this fall. Why? Well, because of many reasons – reasons we’ll mention very soon. Thus, don’t hesitate to book that hotel right now. Trust us, all families such as yourself will be booking them as we speak. But, let us go back to our topic and let us share with you 6 reasons why fall is the best season to visit New York with your family.

1. The Weather is Pleasant

If you have ever been to New York during summer, you know how scorching those days can be. And, if you have ever been to New York during winter and spring, you know how cold, snowy, and rainy those days can be. But, fall days are just perfect. Mornings can be chilly, but the rest of the days are quite pleasant. Temperatures rarely go beneath 50 degrees and above 75 degrees. This all makes fall a perfect season to comfortably travel with kids to New York.

Moreover, we cannot but mention that these pleasant temperatures make it perfect for you and your little ones to flaunt that fall outfits you have been saving for a special occasion too!

2. The Streets Are Less Crowded

Trust us, summer and winter madness is not something you want to experience when travelling with kids. Summer and winters are seasons when everybody wants to come to New York either for business of for pleasure. But, in fall, everything calms down. So, it will be much easier for you to not only travel around New York with your kids but also to get to it (this is when airlines, buses, subways, and even roads are less crowded).

Moreover, if you plan on moving to New York anytime soon, choose fall! For the same reason as mentioned above – it is going to be easy to reach the city in no time if you choose to relocate during the fall months. You will avoid traffic jams on the roads and you will avoid the crowds of people in front of your entrance while trying to move in.

3. Sunsets Are to Die For During Fall

If your family likes taking photos, either professionally or for your personal archive, you will love New York in fall. That is, you will love all the colors sunsets bring during fall months. To get the best of this, we recommend taking your camera and going to one of many roof-top bars in New York around 18:00. Take your sit, find a perfect angle, and wait for 18:45 to take that perfect photo.

If you little ones are not too keen on sunsets and roof-top bars, try to find a bar that has a secluded area for children. Yes, these exist in New York. You can leave your little ones to play in this area while you enjoy an afternoon with the most beautiful view of sunset in New York.

4. The City is Just Beautiful When Covered in Yellow

There is no place better to enjoy fall foliage than in New York. Wherever you look you will see perfect mixtures of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. These colors will be on the streets, along the skyscrapers and monuments, in coffee shops and restaurants, and pretty much everywhere.

But, if you want to make the most of these colors, that is, if you want to experience the true fall beauty of New York, be sure to go to Central Park. This huge area will be covered in the most mesmerizing foliage. And, while you admire the changing nature, your little ones can have fun in one of many kid-friendly spots in Central park such as in Billy Johnson Playground, Heckscher Ballfields, North Meadow Recreation Center, North Woods, Shakespeare Garden, Turtle Pond, Carousel, The Lake, etc. Just, remember that, in order to stay safe when traveling with kids to New York, you visit all these places during daytime!

5. Halloween Festivals Are Epic

What can be more fall-like than Halloween? But, Halloween in New York is like nothing you and your kids have seen before. This is because New Yorkers take this holiday very seriously. During the whole month of October, the entire city will be covered in pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, watches, ghosts, etc. Your coffee will have pumpkin flavor, you will see hunted houses everywhere, and you will be able to attend many jack o lantern work shops where you can learn how to carve a pumpkin.

If you happen to come to New York with your family on (or around) October 31, come with a costume! You will need it. Moreover, if you are not visiting New York but moving in during this period, we strongly advise you to find some good movers. You will need their help for two reasons – you will not be able to relocate and take care of your children and you will not be able to relocate during the ‘trick or treat days’ as yours and your neighbors kids will be screaming around. Thus, check out sites such as Best Movers NYC – there is where you can find some of the most reliable movers in and around Big Apple.

6. Apple and Pumpkin Events Are One-of-a-kind Here

Some of the last but certainly not the least reasons why fall is the best season to visit New York with your family are all the apple and pumpkin events here. Need we say more? Besides Halloween-related d├ęcor and activities throughout New York, you can also enjoy many of the fall-related ones such as apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, fall food festivals, creation of apple ciders and pumpkin pies in workshops all around the city, etc. These activities are even better in the outskirts of the city, in places where there are orchards and farms. So, make sure o visit them when traveling with your kids to New York – you will all have a blast.

We mentioned just some of the many reasons why fall is the best season to visit New York with your family. But, you already know that there are many more of them. So, come and check them for yourself!

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