How to Travel With Kids: The Top Tips You Should Know


Summer’s around the corner. With any luck, you’ll soon be taking a trip with your family!

The only problem is that you have kids. And, because you’re around them on a regular basis, you already know that going on a long trip with them is going to be a bit of a troubling task.

How can you have a successful trip with the family? What if you want to travel internationally?

Without further ado, here are the top tips to help you travel with kids.

Leave Early

Think it will take 8 hours to get to your destination? Think again! Kids have a way of slowing things down, whether it be due to excessive bathroom breaks or backseat fights or otherwise.

As such, if you have to get somewhere at a specific time, you’re advised to leave quite a bit earlier than you otherwise would. A good rule of thumb is that, for every 4 hours of normal travel, add an extra hour for travel with kids. So, if the trip would normally take 12 hours to complete, expect it to take 15 hours with kids on board.

Travel at Night

While night travel isn’t ideal for everyone, it can make the act of traveling with kids much more convenient. Why? Because kids sleep at night and thus are much less likely to impair the typical driving itinerary.

Plan to depart an hour or two before your kids’ bedtimes. With any luck, they’ll soon be out like a light.

Keep Luggage to a Minimum

You just got out of the car after an 800-mile trip. You’re ready to carry your bags up to the hotel room . . . but you’ve got to get these kids up there as well. And because your kids are, well, kids, they’re not going to make it easy on you.

But do you know who could have? You! By keeping your luggage to a minimum, you could have greatly reduced the strain of getting your belongings (that includes your children) from point A to point B.

Pack only what you need and nothing more. Remember: you can always buy additional items once you’ve arrived.

Bring Snacks

Want to have to stop for food each time one of your kids gets hungry? We didn’t think so. For this reason, you need to bring along snacks if you’re on a road trip.

You don’t need anything elaborate; some fruit snacks or apples or cereal will suffice. The goal is to keep your children sated. Do that, and the show will stay on the literal road.

Engage in Some Physical Activity Before Leaving

Kids are wild, regardless of anything. But do you know what makes them extra wild? Lack of physical activity. When kids don’t engage in physical activity, their energy reserves build and they become borderline-insufferable to deal with.

For this reason, directly before leaving on your trip, you should take your kids to engage in a fun physical activity that will allow them to let off some steam.

Go to the park or hit the swimming pool.

If you’ve decided to travel internationally, let them have fun at a playground like Airzone Singapore or a local attraction. They’ll tire themselves out and you’ll have a peaceful, stress-free trip.

Now You’re Ready to Travel With Kids

Now that you’ve read this article, you’re ready to experience international travel with kids. As long as you follow the tips above, you should have a relatively even-keeled experience.

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