How to Survive Your Next Family Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be relaxing. They are supposed to be a unique cultural experience. But when you are traveling with a family they can be more than a little stressful,  and it can be difficult to please everyone. 

If you’re tired of having vacations where no one gets along, the journey is a nightmare and there are more than a few tantrums along the way, try  Treehouse Holidays for a new and unique experience!

Here are some tips to help you survive your next family vacation.

Choose a destination that has it all

You might fancy a luxury vacation to the Bahamas with all of the sun, sea, and sand you can handle, but the kids might find it a bit boring, and they might want to go to Disneyland where they can go on all the big rides and keet their favorite cartoon characters but that could be exhausting for you.

So, if you want to increase your odds of finding family harmony, choose a destination that has some of the things you like – museums, art galleries, nice restaurants, lake tahoe hot air balloon – and some things the kids will love – water parks, kids clubs – so you can all have a turn at doing your preferred activity at least once.

Upgrade your accommodation

 Airline travel not only saves you time, but it can also save money, if you’re car is a gas guzzler.

When you have kids, staying in a basic hotel or motel or ent if you are camping, can be miserable. You will all be tired after long days exploring, so it’s worth having a little luxury, whether that be a four-star hotel or one of these hybrid caravans with all mod-cons. You’ll all get a better night’s sleep which will mean less crankiness and freer tantrums all round.

Leave plenty of time

When you’re traveling with the family, things can and do go wrong. The toddler will need the toilet or your teens will wander off to look at something in a passing store and you will end up missing your shuttle, train, or even plane. Minimize the chances of this happening by leaving extra time for travel and you will be able to move at a leisurely pace instead of rushing around to catch that all-important flight in time. This could be made even easier by travelling via a private jet booked on a website like fast private jet, as you won’t be queuing or delayed by other passengers!

Do your own thing

It might be a family vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sneak off now and again. The kids can join the water schools at the resorts, or head to the hotel’s daycare if they are really young, and you can grab a drink and a bite to eat b the beach. You may love each other, but too much time together could turn the dream vacation into a nightmare.

Stick to a routine

If you have young kids, trying to stick to their usual routines, as far as possible, will lead to fewer tantrums. Sure, this might mean you have to head back to the hotel sooner than you would like, but order room service and enjoy dinner on the balcony – it will be just as good and you won’t have to worry about tantrums.

Have fun!

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