Great Money Hacks for Travelling

At last you’ve made plans for that trip of a lifetime that you’ve been talking about for years! You’ve found the best kennels, you’ve visited Creditfix for those handy budget tips and you’re also looking at phrasebooks. To really make it happen, you need to save enough money to pay for your flights and for your living expenses.

Wait until the afternoon to book your flights

While we all know that the prices of flights vary according to the time of year and even the days of the week, what’s not so well-known is the way they fluctuate during the day. You’ll find that the middle of the afternoon is best because business travellers book their flights in the mornings and demand drops later on in the day.

Use flight alerts

One good trick is to set up a few alerts that’ll let you know when the prices of your target fares fall suddenly. Once you get the alert, you’ll need to move quick so make sure you have the funds ready to go.

Look for cheap accommodation

Your hotel or villa may well cost more than your flights, so try to be flexible about where you stay. Look at villas or hotels outside of the city, or even hostels and Airbnb places. Renting a flat or villa also means you can save on food expenses as you can make breakfast and a packed lunch, or cook dinner in the evenings rather than eating out all the time.

Shop like a local

If you’re self-catering, then follow the natives to their favourite shops and stalls so that you can get the best local produce at local prices. Think about bread, cheese, butter, oils, fruit and veg, as well as meat and don’t bother looking for goods imported from home – eat like a local because it’s cheaper.

Avoid airport bureaux de change

Get hold of your currency before you set off. The final few days before you set off on holiday can be busy so make sure you have enough cash to see you through the first couple of days of your holiday. Avoid airport exchanges though, as they’re eye-wateringly expensive.

Hone your haggling skills

You can haggle anywhere, not just at street stalls and markets. Ask for discounts in hotels, shops and restaurants; if you’re polite and friendly, all they can say is no. You may have to pay the stated price for your meal,

but an indulgent waitress might give the kids an extra scoop of ice cream. It’s always worth a go.

Buy some city passes

You should always look for these city passes when you’re going to be somewhere for more than three days or so. You’ll usually get discounted public transport, cheaper museum entry and sometimes vouchers for shops and restaurants.

Dine out at lunchtime rather than dinnertime

The cheaper menus are usually at lunchtimes, so if you do like to eat out as part of your holiday experience, shift it to earlier in the day. Cook for yourselves in the evenings most nights and save up for a lavish evening meal towards the end of your stay.

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