Building Body Confidence As You Get Older

Getting older is something we all face, and a lot of us do it with grace and decorum! But even so, it can be hard to feel confident in your body as the years go by, and you can often dislike what you see in the mirror. However, a low self esteem doesn’t do you any favors, and you deserve to feel good about the body you live in! 

And that’s why we’ve brought you this post; building your body confidence back up as you get older is all about looking inwards, and focusing on the positive. To help you do just that, we’ve collected some ideas about preventing those confidence doubts from getting to you. 

Do Some More Fun Physical Activities

How often do you exercise? And when you do exercise, what activities are you doing to help you stay in shape? Because if those activities are things you don’t find fun, or actively dread having to do, it’s time to swap them out for something else! You deserve to have a bit of fun with your healthy lifestyle, and it’s a lot more motivating to look forward to something. 

For example, if you often head out jogging despite hating the act of running and how out of breath it gets you, try swimming instead. Swimming is a lot more fun, and thanks to how water resistance works in tandem with your body, you can burn just as many calories at low impact as you would when out running. 

Pick the Positives 

Instead of thinking about all the parts of your body that you might not like, think about what your body has achieved that you do like, and are proud of. After all, your body has worked hard over the course of your life so far; it’s helped you bring life into the world if you’ve got kids, and it’s helped you to care for yourself and other people, and it’s helped you to hold down a job and successfully pay all your bills. 

So focus on those positive things you’ve accomplished with your body! Leave little room for self doubt in your lexicon, and always focus on how you’ve become the person you are. And if you’ve got lovely hair and you enjoy the shape of your thighs at the same time, the more the better! The more you talk yourself up, instead of putting yourself down, the more natural it becomes to be positive. 

Think About Cosmetic Surgery

Of course, you’ve always got the chance to invest in cosmetic surgery, if there’s a certain area of your body you’re personally unhappy with. A breast lift, for example, can be a great way to make you feel proud of your chest again, if that’s been a prevailing issue for you over the past few years.

Turning to cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to be a ‘cop-out’ of working on your self esteem either. In fact, it can be a good way to give yourself an instant shot of confidence! But always make sure you sit down and talk about what you plan to get done; you need to think through surgery of any kind and consider both the possible risks and benefits to you. Talk to someone you trust about your ideas and make sure you weigh both sides of the procedure. 

Stop Scrolling! 

Above all else, stop scrolling and get off the internet! More than ever is the picture ‘perfect’ image of our bodies being projected into our personal lives, and being bombarded with glossy shots of pretty people can drag our own confidence down to zero. So to make sure that social media doesn’t get to you anymore, it’s a good idea to just exit out of the app or close the tab down and do something else. 

Indeed, it can be hard to replace the hole that social media can leave, but even just hopping onto another app like Netflix can do the trick here. But if you really want to lower the influence that society might have on your body image, it’s time to pick up some hobbies and start using your hands again. The more things you can do, the more things you have to feel esteem over, and that can rocket your body confidence back up to where it should be! 

If you’re in need of a bit more body confidence, ignore what others say and look inwards. You look great, and you deserve to feel so too! 

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