3 Ways of Restoring Youthful Appearance

In a medical spa or modern cosmetic clinic, you will find many different treatments, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses.  For the most basic of treatments for your skin, you can try a good collagen supplement. But some treatments rise up among the rest as they are incredible feats of modern cosmetic technology. Referring to specific three facial cosmetic enhancements and treatments we hope to inform you about all the great things that can be accomplished with modern cosmetic technology.

These three treatments, Botox, dermal fillers, and Skinly Aesthetics clinics have been deemed as some of the most popular ways to restore youth to a tired and worn-out face. Thanks to some insider information from Manhattan’s own Skinly Aesthetics, we’ve learned a little extra about these treatments and hope this will be your little guide to finding the youth restoration treatment that is right for you.


You’ve definitely heard of Botox. If not about the treatment itself, then definitely that name. It has gotten lots of fame and notoriety in recent years, as Botox is used to refer to any cosmetic treatment, from lip fillers to lifting the skin. 

However, this is not what Botox actually does and most people unfamiliar with the beauty industry often greatly misunderstand what Botox is and how it works. In reality, the treatment is far more complicated than most people will have you believe and it accomplishes some truly great things.

Let’s start with what it is. Botox is a compound called the “botulinum toxin”. It is a compound that has the ability to numb certain kinds of nerves. Now, sure, in the hands of someone who has no experience in medicine or cosmetic treatments this compound can be very dangerous. But today’s practitioners go through years of arduous studying and training before they are allowed to work with the compound. 

With this knowledge and experience, they are able to use the compound in such ways, that it can numb certain nerves under the face to create a more youthful appearance on the surface. The facial muscles are under constant strain and are endlessly contracting. These contractions are responsible for the wrinkles and age marks above. So if you wish to get rid of the wrinkles, you should first stop the muscle contractions.

And that’s exactly what Botox does. Without having to puff up the face it makes it look much younger, more vibrant, and energetic. 

Dermal Fillers

To list all the treatments possible with the dermal filler compound would take a very long time. That’s not going to stop us from covering some of the most popular uses for this amazing compound and how it can be used to enhance and tighten the face in all the right places and in all the right ways.

Dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a type of chemical found in our body which is responsible for the springiness in our joints (keep in mind this is a very non-technical explanation). It naturally grows and fills areas when it comes into contact with moisture. Upon injection, it almost immediately fills in certain areas of the face and lifts the skin.

But what is the point of this lifting and tightening? Because those are the elements of a youthful and energetic face. All you have to do is compare an older-looking face to a younger one. Obviously, wrinkles, sun spots, and other age marks are going to be prevalent, but there is also something else that is just subtle enough to miss but is still very much visible.

The shape of the face depends on a lot more than just bone structure. The tightness of your skin also plays a major role in how your face looks, in its shape, and most importantly: the volume.

This is what dermal fillers do: they restore lost volume to the face by lifting up the skin using the springy gel that is the hyaluronic acid-based compound. With a few precise injections, your face will be looking more youthful and full of energy than it did before. Thanks to the restored facial volume, you will see a major improvement in the freshness of your appearance and the newfound vigor when you look in the mirror.

PDO Thread Lift

Last, there is another form of facial lifting and skin tightening, though it is accomplished through an entirely different method. The PDO threads are specially designed fibers, which are inserted under the skin via a special medical tool, massaged into place, and once they have latched on, they pull the skin up to lift the face.

Hence why it’s called a PDO thread lift and why it has been so popular with clients all across the world. But what really makes this treatment so special comes after the insertion of the threads. The PDO threads themselves do not stay there permanently; they dissolve after some time, which is done completely naturally by the body itself.

You may think that the treatment is over and done with when the last of the PDO fibers dissolves, but the PDO thread lift is not finished yet. As the threads dissolve, they promote collagen formation, a type of protein that is responsible for your body’s durability, structural integrity, and regenerative capabilities.

With the extra collagen, the body replaces the PDO threads with its own naturally grown collagen fibers, which tighten the face and keep that youthful appearance even after the fiber has dissolved. It may seem a little scary at first to have a thread injected under the skin. But the treatment itself is quite painless and there is very little discomfort during the treatment thanks to local anesthetics. The only discomfort you will find may arise from the side effects. The PDO thread will ache and the treated area will slightly swell. But these side effects go away rather quickly on their own and will require minimal effort from you to soothe them. 

With the PDO thread lift, patients can look into the mirror with greater confidence, knowing the energy they feel inside them is present on their faces as well.



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