How To Redesign Your Living Room For A Minimalist Look

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that leads to an easier, stress-free, and grounded way of living. Whether you admit it or not, changing even a tiny space in your home could be so freeing.

The living room would be a good place to start your transformation. It is the room in the house where everyone relaxes and enjoys quality time together. When the space feels open and inviting, it would draw out interesting conversations.

Minimalistic does not mean uninteresting. The following are different options to redesign your living room with a more minimalistic look:

Bulk It Down

Use a smaller sofa instead of oversized recliners and bulky coffee tables. Some loose chairs and separate smaller tables as side tables would do the trick.

A room does not need big items to fill it with personality. In this case, less is more. Select fewer items that go well together and stand out as a signature piece on their own. Place TV units in more stylish, minimalistic consoles to create a focal point.


Texture creates a feel and ambiance that cannot be replaced by adding more ‘stuff.’ Jazz up your displays by adding rough-look carpets made from hemp or those with a fuzzy appearance. Resonate this texture elsewhere in the room by adding hemp-covered lamp shades.

Play with various textures until that perfect feel is in the room. Find items that could add features you are fond of and incorporate them into the room. This way, you can update the look without doing any major renovations.

Add Colors

Although minimalism may be associated with toned-down colors or a more muted look, it doesn’t prevent you from adding a beautiful stand-out piece to the room.

If the room is already painted in softer colors and all other items and furniture match, adding an accent to the room in the form of one eye-catching piece will draw people into the room. Bright-colored chairs, scatter cushions, or vases could bring out some much-needed color in the room.

Odd Combinations

Don’t be scared to use different items around the room from mismatched origins. You can style the room with a formal settee, a leather beanbag chair, and a shaggy carpet to complete the room.

A key point in minimalistic styling is the grounding aspect. Adding more items to the room to give the feeling of being firmly placed in the space would be a good idea. Some minimalists have even gone against conventions and placed tables flat on the floor or used oversized cushioning as seats. The possibilities are endless.

Inspiration From The Environment

Add natural elements to the room or mimic the outside on the inside for a fluent transition into your space.

Tree stumps make excellent side tables or coffee tables, a lush carpet could mimic the sandy beach outside, and plants could make you feel like you stepped into the rainforest. Remember to keep the items you add to the room to a minimum and not over-decorate the room.

Artistic Freedom

Art is a special touch to make a room feel like home. Take one look at an art piece, and it may transport you to another time and space.

Place art items masterly around the room instead of hanging them. Slightly different displays than expected could add an interesting twist to the decor. Leaning artworks have become a new favorite for decorators who would opt to display the art on an easel or just rest them against the wall on a shelf with no hooks required.

Going Against The Grain

In the past, a room would be decorated in one style, and all the items therein will follow that same style. This isn’t the case anymore today.

Forget everything about matching items and their style. You are allowed to put together multiple items from different eras or opposing colors.

Why not shy away from the norm with choices that would make a room sparkle without the actual glitter? Examples would be gold-colored picture frames with a Victorian feel, deep browns on the carpets and couch from a steampunk photo, and a stop sign red modern centerpiece for the tree stump coffee table.

Bring Them All Together

Minimalism could bring the vital change of scenery needed to make you relax and feel good about the space you have. It is easy to interchange items in a minimalist room to suit one’s mood and feelings. You may even create beautiful backdrops for everyone to have a lovely bonding experience.

They say that a change is as good as a holiday, so welcome minimalism into your living room and make it your own comfy haven.

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