Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness, Here’s How To Build A Heavenly Home

A clean home is a happy home. So, if there’s only one issue you should focus on in your upcoming upgrade projects, cleanliness is the answer.

It might not be the most exciting aspect of a transformation, but its impact on the home’s appearance can be huge. In many cases, the projects will aid your family’s health while also adding financial value to the property too. Here are some of the best ways to make it happen.

Treat issues that make your home feel dirty

If the home doesn’t feel clean, the first thing you must do is treat any problems causing the current concerns. Immediate issues may include calling pest control to remove unwanted guests and their droppings. Aside from making your home look unwelcoming, they pose a real threat to your health.

You must also look for signs of dampness or mould, which could also pose a risk due to airborne particles. Whether you clean them professionally or through DIY methods is up to you. Either way, ignoring the issues will only allow the home atmosphere to decline further. Take action now, and it’ll be far easier to maintain control.

Go minimalist

A cluttered home will naturally feel less clean while it can also feel claustrophobic. As such, it is always advised to opt for a slightly more minimalist approach to design. While that doesn’t mean rooms should be empty, you will find that selling unwanted goods is a great way to make the home feel bigger and better.

Further tips can include trading bulky cabinets for wall mounted shelving and TV brackets. By retaining extra floor space, rooms will feel bigger and enable you to actively enjoy them. Better still, you should find that it’s far easier to clean the property as you’ll spend less time trying to get underneath items or into difficult spaces.

Modern, bright, clean, kitchen interior with stainless steel appliances in a luxury house

And embrace modern storage

While losing unwanted or bulky goods reduces your storage needs, you will still possess a lot of assets. So, it makes sense to address the storage requirements and ensure that you have ample space available. For starters, going paperless with billing and streaming services can help you regain control.

As for physical storage, you can find lots of additional space by taking a calculated approach to the situation. For example, hooks behind doors or hidden storage under the stairs can work wonders. Ottomans and other smart furniture choices can work in your favour too. When those items are kept hidden away, rooms will feel larger.

Let there be light

Tricking the eyes into thinking that the home is larger will have a huge impact on your feelings towards the property. Increased natural lighting and a brighter color scheme can actively make the room look natural and clean. You can further improve this by adding houseplants to the property.

As well as natural lighting, you may want to use LED lights that offer an added sense of versatility. It makes the home look and feel modern, not least because it helps lower your carbon footprint. A green home feels like a clean home. So, you may want to think about eco-friendly appliances too.

Use the latest cleaning tech

While making smarter interior designer choices is a key step towards success, you also need to actively clean. The little and often approach is better than allowing dirt and grime to accumulate. However, finding the time to incorporate regular cleaning into your schedule isn’t always easy. Unless you have the right tools.

A robotic vacuum is one of the best options as it can clean the floors for you. Meanwhile, dishwashers and self-clean ovens are fantastic additions. Perhaps the best trick, however, is to keep your HVAC systems in good health. When the filters catch dust particles, they won’t spread throughout the home.

Don’t forget outside spaces

Your feelings towards the property do not start and end with what’s inside the four walls. You will also need to consider the external spaces too. For starters, taking better care of garden furniture and accessories will serve you very well. You will feel far happier when enjoying time outside. 

Pressure washing the patio, cleaning the gutters, and washing the walls will help. Likewise, removing moss from roofing should be a priority. Aside from setting a better first impression, it will protect the condition of the property. So, it could be one of the smartest moves you ever make for the value of the home too.

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