How to Care for Outdoor Furniture Cushions

There is no better feeling than sitting outside your home and relishing the pleasant weather of the day as you read your favorite book, scroll your phone or just sipping some wine as you reflect on your day. To enjoy all this, you need to have comfortable outdoor furniture that will allow you to sit outside for hours without complaining of any back pain.

When you decide to get outdoor furniture, you need to make sure you get solid furniture that can withstand rainstorms, windy days, too much sunlight and something vital that stray cats, dogs or raccoons can’t strip off. We are going to teach you how you could conserve your furnishings for many years in the article. The methods include;

1. Protecting outdoor furniture

There are so many variations of airy furnishings, so you need to gape for the exact one that fits your taste and is something durable. Some outside furnishings is made from specific fabrics such as acrylic, PU-coated polyester, cotton canvas and olefin.

When you go to the right company, you will be safe since these firms make sure their fabrics go through unique procedures to be foolproof to UV rays, water, mould and mildew. However, it would help if you keep in mind that this procedure doesn’t make your furniture safe from other weather conditions, so make sure you take good care of them.

2. Sun protection

Even if outdoor materials are safeguarded from UV rays, too much sunlight can induce the material to fade faster than you expected, and it can also make your wooden and plastic frames weak. There are many ways to conserve your slab from such issues, and this is by shifting your slab to a position where there is a bit of shade, or you could use a spray-on fabric guard to safeguard your slab from waning.

3. Rain and sun protection

When you have water-resistant fabrics, this will make sure your material doesn’t get too much water during the rainy season, though you should avoid exposing your material to too much water

because it may cause wear and tear. This happens since many people think that water resistance is the same as waterproof, but this is not the case, and your cushions may start to wear out because of the moisture building up.

The best thing is to make sure you cover your furniture during the rainy season and when it is not raining since you don’t know if it will rain at night or not. Then when the sun comes out, air it for it to dry in case some water gets into the cushions.


Outdoor cushions need a lot of care since they are exposed to many things in the environment like rain, animal poop and many other things. You need to know how to make sure your cushions last for an extended period to avoid buying new ones each time. Look at the information in this article as it will assist you with your journey, and you can do more research if you feel like something is missing.

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