4 Little Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to undergo a gastric band surgery to look nice, the problem is when we have anxieties about how we look that affect our daily lives. While there are no quick fixes, there are so many little ways that we can start to feel better about ourselves. 

Find the Good Things About Yourself

You might think that your teeth are desperate for custom dental veneers and fixing up, but if you are looking to feel better about yourself, it’s about focusing that spotlight on the good things about a situation or about yourself. You can apply this to how you look, by looking for the attributes you believe are great, but also, you can do this by finding positives in situations. Sometimes, our minds can go down the “chaos theory” route of events, especially when it comes to our insecurities. If we start to berate ourselves for eating a whole cake, thinking that the whole day is ruined, we can instead think about how delicious that cake was and leave it at that! But the important thing to do is to practice this way of thinking. Every night before you go to sleep, write down three things you did well that day, however small they were. When you look at your notes at the end of the week, you will be surprised as to how many positive things there are. 

Do Not Weigh Yourself Everyday

If you are particularly worried about your body image, weighing yourself as soon as you get up can have an instant impact on your mood. It’s important to remember that your weight can fluctuate between 5 lbs and 6 lbs in the space of 24 hours. While you may be on a weight loss regime, and you want to see how you are going, the best thing to do is to hide the scales so you weigh just once a week, rather than standing on it every single day, and fuelling your negative thoughts. 

Stop Social Media Stalking

Nobody will admit to spending so much time on Instagram being envious of others and how they looked. The fact is that you are you, and when we start to look at other people with completely different body types, this is a very simple way for us to confirm our worst fears. Having a social media detox is going to give us that all-important breathing space, and when we come back to it, we might just realize how we feel about ourselves by not being on social media. 

Pay Attention to the Compliments

We’re always working hard to improve ourselves, but this means that sometimes we can find ourselves being very “tunnel vision” in our approach. Sometimes, we can dismiss complements or ignore them, purely because they don’t line up with how we view ourselves. But if we start to pay attention to those compliments, and write these things down, we are forcing ourselves to pay attention. This can be a key way to accepting the good bits about yourself, so you can look at yourself more positively in the long run.

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