Moving Home Safely During Covid

If you are thinking about moving home right now, this is one of the many things which are going to be a lot more difficult than usual, owing to the global pandemic. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is not possible, just that you are going to need to think about some of the changes you might need to make, compared to the usual moving home routine. In particular, you are going to need to ensure that you move home in a safe way, which is something that should be easier than you think as long as you bear a few particular things in mind.

Let’s take a look at how you might be able to move home safely during covid, so that everyone can keep as safe as possible throughout the process.

Check Your Local Restrictions

A lot of this is obviously very locally-based, so you will need to make sure that you are falling in line with the local restrictions in your area first and foremost. You might be surprised how much they can differ from all of the surrounding areas, and it is going to be vital that you are working hard to fall in line with them, in order to ensure that you can remain safe and not put anyone at risk unnecessarily.

The best way to check your local restrictions, if you are not aware of them already, is to look online, or to ask your local authority about them. In all likelihood, you will already be aware of them, but it is always best to check, especially if you have not been keeping up with them recently, as they might have changed more than you might assume.

Time It Right

When moving home, it is generally always going to be important that you time it right, so this is not unique to moving home during a pandemic. But it might prove to be especially important at this time, and that is owing in part to the fact that you might be restricted, as we mentioned above. However, restrictions are not the only consideration when it comes to trying to time the move right. You also need to think about when you can get time off work – and this in itself is something that might be affected by the covid pandemic.

Essentially this all means that you need to think about it far in advance and then plan accordingly, while also working hard to update your plans as necessary along the way. As long as you can do that, you should find that you are going to be able to move home much more easily and more safely, despite what point in the pandemic you might be in and what might be going on in your local area specifically.

Make It Speedy

There are many advantages to making a home move as quick as possible when you are doing it during the pandemic. The less time you all spend out on the roads and moving around, the less of an impact you are likely going to have in terms of how likely you are to spread the virus, so that is obviously important. This means that you need to find a way to speed up your move as much as you possibly can – which is pretty easy to do once you start trying to do it.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to get some help – although you are also going to want to limit how many people are helping you, so it is best to just stick to one or two. However, if those individuals are working for a local movers, then you know that the whole process is going to be over and done with so much faster, and you will be able to limit the likelihood that you are spreading the virus around while moving home. Be sure to use movers who seem to be particularly covid-aware to help reduce the risk even further.

Portrait of happy delivery men carrying cardboard box and carpet outside van

You can also make it speedy by planning ahead as much as possible, working hard to do it at a time when it is likely to be quicker, and generally being sensible about how you do it.

Be Careful With Viewings

If you are selling your current home, you are probably going to want people to be able to come and see the property, as such viewings are essential for anyone who might be putting money down on a property of any kind. But you obviously need to take great care with these situations, as they are potentially an opportunity for the virus to spread. The simple rules to follow are that you should wear masks during the visit, having your guests sanitize their hands and do the same yourself, and keep as much of a distance between you as possible at all times.

You should also limit how many people come for a viewing at any one time – which might well mean it is not the best time to be doing open house viewings right now, where lots of people come to visit in one day. However, by taking care and being sensible, you should still be able to see a lot of people through the house in a day, so there is no reason you won’t be able to sell the property still. You just have to be a little careful in the process.

Is It A Good Time To Move?

As well as the safety element, you will want to consider whether it is a good time to move home anyway, considering everything that is going on. In other words, look closely at the property market and try to work out whether you think that you are going to get the best deal right now. You might decide it is best to hold it off for another year, or you might just want to take the plunge – it’s up to you, but in any case make sure that you are not simply barrelling ahead.

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