Why Should Homeowners Replace Their Doors With Aluminium Soundproof Doors?

A peaceful and quiet neighbourhood is the need of the hour. But the thing about noise-free neighbourhoods is that they do not exist. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, there will always be interior and exterior noise disturbances to irritate you. Feeling helpless is not the solution. However, installing soundproof aluminium doors can help you create a noise-free home environment.

In this blog, we will explore what a ‘soundproof door’ is, and highlight different reasons as to why you should install a soundproof door in your home. Let’s begin.

What is a Soundproof Door?

Any door that comes with an in-built capacity to minimize or mellow down noise infiltration or sound leakage into your home can be fittingly described as a soundproof door. Given how aluminium acts as an excellent sound insulator, aluminium doors are the closest you will find to a soundproof door.

But not all aluminium doors are the perfect examples of soundproof doors. The use of different techniques in the manufacture of an aluminium door helps make a door truly soundproof.

What makes TOSTEM Aluminium Doors the gold standard of soundproof door systems?

TOSTEM INDIA: a leading door and window manufacturer in India, uses EPDM gaskets between the sashes and outer frames of the door to bring soundproofing efficiency to their aluminium doors.

Additionally, the manufacturing company also uses silicone sealants at all corners and nano gaskets at the profile interlocks to prevent sound leakage. The additional usage of glass panels of upto 31.55 mm thickness ensures that their aluminium doors are truly soundproof.

Their doors are tested for sound performance in a JIS (Japanese industrial standard) controlled environment to ensure that the doors do what they claim to do i.e. provide unmatched soundproofing. According to the JIS quality checks, TOSTEM aluminium doors are found to have a noise level of 25 db(A) which is equivalent to a whisper and is categorized as quiet. In other words, installing TOSTEM aluminium doors will keep your homes well-protected from noise disturbances.

Due to all these factors, TOSTEM INDIA ensures the effortless creation of impeccable soundproof aluminium doors that stand unmatched in the housing industry. The use of sophisticated technology and intuitive techniques helps the company manufacture doors that are truly sound-proof.

Benefits of installing TOSTEM Aluminium Soundproof Doors:

Here are some of the reasons why you should install TOSTEM aluminium soundproof doors:

1. Reduces Noise Leakage: The primary benefit of aluminium soundproof doors is noise reduction. It minimizes the entry of outdoor sound by controlling acoustics, ensuring a quiet and noise-free room. Soundproof doors prevent sound leakage, thus ensuring a noise-free home interior. Because of the excellent noise insulation it provides, TOSTEM aluminium doors benefit all types of properties including homes, offices, recording studios, and other institutions that require quiet environments.

2. Ensures Privacy: Some talks are meant to remain contained within the four walls of a room. Soundproof doors respect your privacy by allowing private communication to stay private without the risks of eavesdropping. These doors are also beneficial for corporate meeting rooms, healthcare facilities, and human resource offices.

3. Ensures Thermal Insulation: The multiple insulative layers of a TOSTEM aluminium soundproof door also regulates the temperature control of your home. The mechanism installed for tight sealing of sound also acts as an airtight sealing, preventing air leakage and reducing the cost of energy bills. Reduced air leakage also aids in the maintenance of air quality. Thanks to the high-quality sealing, air toxins and allergens are kept out.


Staying away from loud noises that hurt the ear and aggravate the mind can help you retain your peace of mind. A home that is free from noise pollution is the need of the hour.

By replacing your current doors with TOSTEM aluminium soundproof doors, you can enjoy the perfection of a pristine noise-free home environment. Enjoy the bliss of noise-free homes first-hand and experience what it is like to focus on work, have a personal ‘me’ time, and meditate in peace.

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