Make Your Move As Smooth As Possible; Top Tips For Moving House.

Moving house can be stressful. There is so much to do and you are up against the clock when you do it. Throw in the added life complications of work, children, and your daily to-do list; finding the time to organize and successfully pack up and move your entire worldly possessions suddenly seems like an insurmountable mountain to climb. You may even need to hire a moving company like Here is a list of top tips for helping reduce stress and make your move as smooth as possible.


Whether you’re prone to hoarding or not, collecting unneeded items is unavoidable as the years go by. Decluttering is often ignored and put off, but decluttering regularly can avoid gathering lots of unwanted possessions. Decluttering before a house move is essential, and it will keep removal costs down as you will have fewer items to pack, box and move. Also you will need smaller transportation and less manpower to do so. Start with one room and create four piles; keep, throw, sell and donate. Go through all the items and put them in the appropriate pile. Anything broken beyond repair should be thrown. Anything you no longer use or need should be donated or sold. Be ruthless and ask yourself whether you really need an item. You’ll be grateful for your stringent decluttering in the long run. There is no point moving things from one house to another just to be thrown out. 

Hire the pros

When you have decluttered and have a better idea of just how much stuff is moving with you consider contacting your local moving company to help with the move. The earlier you can contact them, the better. Moving is most common at weekends and public holidays, so if you plan on moving at these times, you’ll want to be sure the help you need is available.

Moving day is often time-sensitive and a long and arduous day, especially if you have children and pets in tow. Opting for a removal company to do the heavy lifting for you will considerably reduce your stress levels and free up your time.  They are professionals and will have plenty of experience moving heavy and difficult objects on time. Freeing you up to start on the unpacking and ensuring the rest of the move goes smoothly.

Label Label Label 

One of the best tips for saving time and keeping stress levels low is to label boxes. All boxes should be labelled with the room they need to be unpacked in and a brief description of what is in them. There is nothing worse than a hungry family searching through every box, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as they search for utensils, plates, or cutlery to start cooking.

Don’t forget to include words such as ‘heavy’ or ‘delicate’ to enable whoever is lifting the boxes to do so accordingly. 

Speaking of children (and pets)

Are you moving with pets or a family? If your children are too young to help carry a box or unpack its contents effectively, making alternative arrangements, where possible, for the day will serve you well. As idealistic as a fun family move might sound and as excited as the kids might be to see their new room the reality is far from fun. Children will be bored. Fact. And you will not have the time or inclination to entertain them. A trip to Grandma’s or a day with friends will be time much better spent for them. That way when they do arrive at the new house you will have more time to spend with them unpacking and getting excited about their new room.

Portrait of happy delivery men carrying cardboard box and carpet outside van

Redirect your mail 

If someone is moving into the property, you are leaving, you will want to use a mail forwarding service. This is to ensure any and all correspondence still being sent to your old address is received at you by your new address. 

Pack a move day essentials kit

You will need some items close to hand on moving day, so have them organized in an easy-to-reach bag or box. Contents of this kit may vary from person to person, but some staples to include are coffee, snacks, drinks, mugs/cups, toilet roll, bin bags, cleaning cloths, sanitizer, paracetamol, and of course, a charger. 

Finally, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

While the urge will be there to get everything moved, unpacked, rebuilt, and put away on day one, it just will not be possible. Lower your expectations. Moving day isn’t just that one day so do not put the added pressure on yourself to have your new house ‘home ready’ in 12 hours. Setting up your new home will take time, and you want to get it right first time. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time you need to make your new house a home.


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