5 Tips: What Makes A Home Look Pristine?

A home that looks pristine looks a certain way that we can’t always put our finger on. It’s clean, but it’s not necessarily clean in the way of spotless. It’s really about the lines and shape of a home. The decor, design, exterior and garden, all seem to be kempt. That’s the word! It’s ‘kempt’. It just looks like someone cares for it. The portions have been thought through. It’s neat, it’s slick and sleek, there’s something picturesque about it. This is something that we thought we would explore for you and give you some tips to help your home become pristine as well. Here are 5 tips to make your home look the smartest on the block.

The exterior/grass/lawn

You may not always be able to paint, but you can use power washing services to make your home bright and clean.

The reason why we mention grass and lawn is that the lawn and a grass patch are not the same thing! Firstly, a lawn is the major flat green that is in the middle of the garden or takes up the most square space. Seek to use an organic lawn care service that can make your lawn nice and luscious. They will inject the lawn to fight against fungicides, insects, pests and weeds. Thick lawns with deep greens are the best when it comes to the front garden. Your home will be spotted from a mile off and seen as one of the best-kept exteriors on the market. 

A grass patch is usually separate from the lawn. This is something that is going to be seen in unique gardens which have split walking paths and features such as fountains. The grass patch should not be cut like the lawn. Cut it with sheers, so you have a little bit of body and height. This is where you can sow seeds to grow plants or flower patches.


A smooth foyer flow

Floyer flow is somewhat unique to grandiose homes. If you have ever been inside an English manor house, you will know what this means. The foyer really is something to behold. It will be almost a room within a room, as it’s a space that links the front door to the rest of the home. It’s going to open the home’s style up to the guests slowly. 

The foyer should therefore, have a few things that get the guest ready for the rest of the home. So whatever kind of color scheme you have in your main rooms, have it in the foyer. Think about the wall paint color, the color of the skirting boards, a side table and a mirror etc. hang up artwork that you believe is in-line with the rest of the home.

Clean driveway

There’s something so nice about a nice clean driveway when you look at a home. It’s a welcome sign that the home is being tended to by the owners. Leaves and dirt will always find their way onto your driveway but that does not mean you have to let them stay there uninvited! So, get yourself a rough bristle brush, a pressure washer and get to work. Start by scrubbing away the bird guano if there is any, then the little pieces of dried plant or tree debris. The latter can be sticky when mixed with rainwater, so make sure you lift it off the asphalt first. Then use the pressure washer to clean the rest of the driveway.


Decor proportions

It cannot be stated enough, that a good decor flow is highly prized for a home that wants to look pristine. This is something that takes experience but it’s not impossible. For example, don’t put large items on a small side table! Have you ever been to a house whereby you accidentally almost knocked over a lamp? Usually, we give larger decor pieces, more room and so it wouldn’t happen on a larger table right? We cannot calculate the small table and large lamp complex so we bump into things without remembering the proportions of the decor!


Spacing your things

Decluttering is very popular these days but we’re not going to focus on that alone. You need to space your items apart so they do not look crowded. Decluttering is one thing, but putting all your shoes into a tight line isn’t always a good look. So rather than put all your pairs of shoes on the rack or shoe shelf, narrow it down to just a couple. Space them apart and see the difference.

A pristine home is hard to come by these days. It takes hard work and dedication to make your home look like it’s highly prized and kempt. These are just a few things you can do to achieve this amazing look.

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