5 Unique Self Care Activities

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Feeling drained, stressed, or too weak to do anything is never a good feeling. You can’t function if you’re not at your best self. It’s never best to neglect your health, as they say, you can’t give what you don’t have. 

Whether you’re single or have a family depending on you, you need to care for yourself so you can adequately do your daily tasks. If you’re working and not feeling well, it may affect your productivity and efficiency. Thus, use these self-care activities to stay in top shape: 

  • Red Light Therapy

As its name suggests, red light therapy (RLT) uses either a laser, device, or lamp to emit red, low-level wavelengths on your skin. Your skin’s mitochondria, or your ‘power generator’ cells soak up the waves and develop muscle tissue and skin healing. 

Although the RLT is a form of heat that your skin can feel, it won’t burn your skin. If you plan to RLT, you may want to check this red light therapy basic guide that will explain how often to use this therapy. Other potential benefits you may anticipate from using RLT are: 

  • Smoother Skin and Skin Damage Repair: Although more research would be recommended on this topic, RLT could smooth wrinkles on your skin and help heal UV sun damages, burns, and acne scars. 
    • Reduced Pain and Inflammation: If you have Achilles’ tendinitis and osteoarthritis, RLT may lessen pain and inflammation. 
  • Diminished Hair Loss: You may experience thicker hair growth using RLT if you’re suffering from androgenetic alopecia or hair loss. 
  • Dental Pain Relief: RLT may reduce pain from osteoarthritis and curtail jaw tenderness and other dental ailments.

Red light therapy is a type of self-care activity that could ease the pain you may feel after completing tasks. Help you help yourself by reviving the beauty of your skin and your self-image.

  • Practice Guided Meditation or Mindfulness

Mental health is as important as your physical health. It’s essential to care for your brain, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. If you think you’re worrying too much about events that haven’t happened yet, it may be best to practice mindfulness or guided meditation. 

Medication is a self-care activity that can help you focus on the current or present situation. It can also bring a sense of balance, peace, and calm. Centering your thoughts may remove the jumbled thoughts surrounding you which could be causing the stress. 

Introspection and self-reflection both have interesting long-term benefits: there’s an opportunity to become calmer throughout the day. It has been said people remain calm far after their meditation session ends and feel happier.

  • Spend Time With Nature

Although you may not have the luxury to spend more time outside, it may be necessary to include it in your self-care activities. No matter how busy you are, you may want to allot time to go and feel nature. 

As time passes by, you may feel angry, stressed, or other negative feelings. Outside, there’s an opportunity to get distracted by the water, plants, or trees. Your pain or discomfort could be lessened as you spend time in the natural sunlight and fresh air. 

Moreover, some research shows that spending some time with nature can help restore your mood and positive emotions. It may be safe to say that nature is one of the best ways to care for your overall well-being.  

  • Eat Healthy Food

Another way to treat yourself is to eat healthy. Eating healthy means nourishing your body with the right food groups and not indulging in foods that may trigger negative emotions. For instance, you may feel satisfied eating sugary or starchy snacks, but you’ll feel more tired when the ‘sugar rush’ ends. As such, it may be more challenging to do your tasks at hand. 

But, of course, you shouldn’t eliminate sugar and starch from your diet. You should regulate your amount of sugar intake; eat a piece of cake to celebrate your victories but don’t devour the cake in one sitting. Remember, too much could be bad for anyone. 

You should regulate your amount of sugar intake; eat a piece of cake to celebrate your victories but don’t devour the cake in one sitting. Remember, too much could be bad for anyone. Eating healthily has much more benefits than just keeping your weight in check – it actually plays a significant role in your oral health as well. Sure, eating foods that are good for you still means that you should google “orthodontist near me” every once in a while for an appointment, but you’ll be doing a lot already to preserve your teeth and gums. So, do some research when you have the time on foods that are great for your oral wellbeing and get cracking on them as soon as possible!

  • Take A Rest

Most importantly, you may have to take a pause when you feel overwhelmed. Maybe your personal and work life is clashing, or you feel exhausted every day. Then, your body may need time to rejuvenate. 

You may need to take a day off or get more sleep. That way, you can rest your mind and body from working. Or, to avoid being exhausted, take a 10-minute break in the middle of your work if you feel like you’re not producing quality work. 

By resting, you can prevent stress from building up. 


Self-care is vital if you want to function at your best self. It’s also an important way to avoid long-term mental or emotional breakdown. By loving yourself more, you can take care of others as well. Give time for yourself, have a break, and enjoy some self-care activities.

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