Healthy Snacks to Take On-the-Go

Life often requires a little bit of ingenuity and the ability to accelerate in a moment’s notice. Eating healthy is hard in the best of circumstances, but when on the go, it can be tough. Bags of potato chips is easy, and fast food convenient. Yet with a little time and creative thinking, you can create healthy snacks to grab and go whenever you’re in a rush.

Part of eating healthy is cutting back on fats and processed sugar. Buying snacks with fewer ingredients can help to prevent purchasing a snack that looks healthy but is loaded with the very ingredients you’d like to avoid. Another option is to make your own at home, and prep them so that all you need to do is grab as you run out the door.

Five Healthy Grab-and-Go Snacks

  • Honey. For a quick pick-me-up, honey is the way to go. Purchase individual honeycomb packets and you can add honey to anything: crackers, bread, on top of a banana, or over the slices of apples. Offering needed antioxidants and linked to reduced strokes, heart attacks, and may also help promote eye health, honey is a great way to finish that seventh inning stretch until your next meal.
  • Peanut butter and apples. The fiber from apples will help you feel full for longer, not to mention digestive health, and peanut butter contains protein, fiber, and vitamin B-6. Putting the two together is as delicious as it is healthy. Just remember to squeeze lemon juice over apples to slow the oxidation process that turns them an unappetizing brown.
  • Turkey jerky is a great idea if you need something to sink your teeth into on the run. Lower in the bad fats, but loaded with taste, turkey jerky is a low-cost alternative to beef jerky, and depending on which flavor you choose, can be low in sodium and sugar. Many find making their own is a great alternative, allowing for taste and preferences.
  • Trail mix. Store-bought trail mix offers at least five flavor options, but if you’re up for it, creating your own means you have limitless possibilities. At the base of every great trail mix is nuts, often peanuts, almonds, and cashews. Add in some dried fruits, perhaps a small amount of chocolate and liberally sprinkled with your favorite spices. It’s also one of the easiest to create different sizes, from small for snacks at work to large for those long road trips.
  • Popcorn with dried roasted chickpeas. Not often thought of as a pair, wash and thoroughly drain the chickpeas and add to pre-popped popcorn. The lovely flavors mix; the chickpeas add a nice savory crunch to the satisfying chewiness of popcorn. As with trail mix, it can be separated into small or large portions depending on your needs.

If you don’t have time to make all of these healthy snacks, many are readily available at your neighborhood stores. Remember to store them according to directions, but none should need refrigeration. All are great to toss into a bag and head out the door, whether for a quick trip to the beach or an overnight trip out of town. 

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