How To Choose A Property Flipping Partner

Throughout the economic ups and downs, real estate remains a solid investment opportunity. Buying properties at a bargain, upgrading them, and selling them on, or flipping is becoming a popular activity. 

Property developers today look a lot different from how they have in the past. It’s no longer the domain of the super-wealthy anymore. Ordinary people are dipping their toes into the property flipping water to find a viable way to make money. 

Yet some people don’t want to go it alone and prefer to spread the risk. This is where they take on a partner. But how do you know they’ll be a good fit? Before you go looking at lofts for sale, take the time to find the right business partner. 

Here are some tips on choosing the right partner to help you flip properties. 

Look For Someone With Experience 

Your ideal property development partner will be someone with relevant experience. If you’re really lucky, they’ll already have experience in buying and selling property, but that’ not always possible. There is a lot of skill and experience that lend themselves to property flipping. These include project management, contracting, or finance.

It’s still possible to be successful without this and you might just be two people looking to invest their money into flipping properties. 

Define Your Roles & Remuneration

One of the worst things you can do is just start bidding on and upgrading properties without setting out some ground rules with your partner. Just because you’ve seen some  They should state who is putting what money into the property, what they are expected to do, and the percentage of the profit they will save after the sale. Even if the person is someone you know and trust, there have been many friendships ruined by hasty actions. 

Find Someone Who Complements Your Skills

People often make the mistake of choosing someone just like them to partner up with. That’s not a great way to bolster your skillset. If you both have the same strengths and weaknesses, then there will be no one to fill the gaps. If your skills are in interior design but not numbers, then it makes sense to work with someone with is good with numbers. 

As long as your share the same ambition and passion, don’t be afraid to choose someone you may not have thought of.

Try & Find Someone With Local Knowledge

Good all-around knowledge of the local area can be a huge asset to your property. For example, if the area is currently a little run down, then the house prices will be lower. However, if there are a number of investment projects and developments on the horizon, then this could cause the house prices to go up. If you buy at the right time, you could make a lot of money when it comes time to sell later. 


If you’re determined to become a property developer, there is so much information out there that can help you and your partner learn the ins and outs of the sector. Choosing the right partner to work alongside you is vital to making it a success.   

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