Preparation Tips to Get Your Home Ready For the Ultimate Dinner Party

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Planning a party is not for the faint of heart. Maybe you’ve always been one who gets invited to dinner parties but never had an opportunity or reason to throw one of your own… until now. With the holiday season being here, people are starting to get their homes ready for various dinner parties, and it looks like you’re next up to host your very first dinner party!

Hosting dinner parties can be pretty exhausting and intimidating, if you let it. Everything from the food to the appearance of your home, those are some of the biggest concerns for most people but luckily both can be easy as pie if done correctly, especially preparing your home.

Food prep is something that can be done in advance, depending on what you’re serving. For example, there are certain dishes that you can make ahead of time and freeze it. The day of or the day before your party, you simply pull it out to thaw and warm it up in time for dinner. The food you serve will indeed say a lot about you to your guests.

But the thing that will leave an even bigger impression on your guests, whether friends or family, is the appearance of your home. A lot of times, people who host parties will have the food catered and focus more on the appearance of their home… The food would be one less thing to worry about… the appearance of your home is what people will be talking about most.

According to, it takes just 38 seconds for guests to your home to judge your home. Some of the major areas they judge include the following:

● If your floors have been vacuumed

● The smell of your home

● If they can see dust

● The condition of your furniture (style, appearance, and comfort)

● The temperature of your home

Judgment isn’t something you look forward to in hosting a dinner party in your home… You would think that people would be thankful enough for being invited, but to be invited and then have the nerve to judge the host’s home… That says a lot about your guests too. But that’s what comes with hosting a dinner party or any gathering, so to avoid any negative talk about your home, don’t give them anything to talk about.

In hosting your very first dinner party, don’t worry yourself about what people will say about your home, because they’re going to talk about it anyway, but by following these tips, they’ll have nothing but good things to say about it.

Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Host a Dinner Party

First and Foremost, Declutter

Party planning doesn’t have to be expensive, and part of getting your home ready for your dinner party is decluttering, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Over time, we tend to let stuff pile up or not put things back where they belong after using them, and when we do that, it contributes to clutter in the home.

Before you can even begin to start cleaning or pull out your decorations, you first need to declutter your home. Your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and living room are going to be the common areas where your guests will be so you want to start decluttering in those areas first.

Everything from junk mail and dirty dishes left out to items being in the wrong place and unnecessary knick-knacks, you either need to throw those things away or put them where they belong. You can start this process the week of the party and go room by room attacking clutter. That way, when it’s time to clean, you can do just that without having to determine what to keep or where things should go.

Hire House Cleaning Services

If you’re nervous about your guest coming and having negative things to say about your home, the only way to “shut them up,” so to say, is to hire professional house cleaning services. Now, the thing about hiring house cleaning services is that you need to declutter your home first because cleaners can come into your home and clean it but will it really look clean if you have junk lying around? Probably not.

You do your part in decluttering and then have cleaning services come in. Depending on what time your dinner party will be, you can have them come the morning of or the day before to help you prepare. If your home is needing a good scrubbing, check out for availability.

Make Your Home Smell Good

Making your home smell good is something that can be done the day of the party as well. Candles, potpourri, and wall plug-ins are great hacks to make your home smell nice. The aroma from the food alone will make your home smell wonderful, but a trick to making your home smell good with candles or plug-ins is to not go with scents that are in opposition to the scents of your food.

Instead of going with a fresh linen scented candle, opt for an apple or pumpkin pie scented candle, or a fruit-scented candle.

Keep Your Decorations Consistent With the Theme

Nothing is tackier at a dinner party than decorations that are inconsistent. Your decor can be themed in many different ways but just make sure they coordinate. Maybe your dinner party is themed by color. If you choose black and white as a theme, stick to that. Trying to throw in other colors and decorative pieces that don’t match will definitely give your guests something negative to say about your dinner party.

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