Party Planning on a Budget

Planning a party on a budget can be perplexing at times. With a little creativity and smart decisions, however, any party can be a success, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or baby shower. Here are five suggestions for how to plan your next party on a budget.

Send Online Invitations

Once you’ve decided on the date and time for your party, forego the traditional paper invites. Instead, create invitations from imaginative templates, like beautiful virtual bridal shower invitations online. Since most everyone relies on email and text messages these days, this is a perfect option and a fabulous way to lower costs.

Bake Your Own Sweet Treats

Many or all parties involve some type of sweet treats, such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other type goodies. If you purchase a birthday cake from a bakery or store, your budget could take a big hit. Instead, make them yourself. Even if you’re not a baker, you can do this easily with store-bought mixes. Get creative with the frostings and any decorative toppings. Look for ideas online to help whether you are going to try angel food cake or flan.

DIY cupcakes are a great, low-cost option for any type of party. They aren’t just for kids’ parties anymore. Try using a white icing using a pastry bag for swirls and place little wedding bells or other small items you find for a low cost. You can even put initials on the top with sprinkles or candies.

Create Unique Decorations

You can spend a lot of your budget on decorations and supplies. However, you don’t have to. Start by looking around your home and identifying anything you already have that you can use. Do you have dozens of candles? Find creative ways to display these. Do you have flowers growing outside? Find unique vases to display them. Print out photos of the couple or birthday guy and place them in frames on a table.

Also, get creative and make your own decorations. Whether you consider yourself crafty or not, you can find something that will work. Look for tutorials online for unique ideas, such as how to make tablecloths or placemats from fun fabrics. Gather pinecones and paint them silver and gold, or red and green.

Consider Timing

Instead of holding your party during a mealtime, consider an in-between time, such as mid-afternoon or after dinner. This will lower your food budget considerably. Offer appetizers and snacks. These can be finger foods, vegetable, cheese, and fruit trays, or chips and a few special dips.

Select Your Splurge Item

Since you’re cutting costs elsewhere, consider selecting one item you wish to splurge on. This will depend on the occasion for the party, of course, but choose one that fits appropriately. This can be rental of a certain location, fancy chocolates from the chocolatier in your city, or the hiring of a magician or musician. By cutting costs elsewhere, you can feel good about allowing a splurge.

A little creativity can go a long way when planning a party on a budget. The goal is to make your guests feel comfortable and for everyone to have fun, including yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect. By sending online invitations, doing more of the cooking and designing of the party d├ęcor yourself, and adding that one splurge item you’re excited about, you’re ready to throw a great get-together.

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