Making Your Guest Room The Best Room

Having guests over to say is one of the great things about having your own home. It’s wonderful to host and put your spare room to good use! The great thing about your guest room is that you can really get creative with it and design a room that’s cozy and welcoming for your guests. Turning your guest room into a space your guests will love can be a fun project and finally help you do something with your spare room.

Take a look at the following tips to make your guest room the best room in the house.

Declutter it

Guest rooms are often a dumping ground for a lot of clutter and mess. If your spare room hasn’t been used in a while, you might have a lot of work on your hands to get it back in order. Get rid of anything unnecessary that shouldn’t be there – guests shouldn’t have to sleep in the overspill from the rest of your home! Try some five-minute decluttering tips to help you get started.

Keep it clean

Your guest room should always be spotless – you never know when you’re going to have unexpected guests over to stay! But giving the room a deep clean first will make it easier to keep it clean to a high standard. You’ll want to provide a relaxing experience for your guests, so if you discover anything like bed bugs, you’ll need to get a bed bug extermination service out pronto! Remember to dust and vacuum even if the room isn’t being used – it will stop it all from building up. 

Ensure decor is simple but stylish

Providing a simple and welcoming space for your guests can help them feel more at ease and at home. You should keep things light and fresh with crisp linen at all times. Some great guest room ideas include adding pops of color or a paneled wall – something to add a little bit of interest and help show off your interior tastes. Try to keep furniture simple with some bedside drawers, a wardrobe and a desk or dressing table to provide storage and a workspace for your guests.

Add those special touches

Extra special finishing touches can help your guests settle in, and helps to make sure they have everything they need! Why not put a basket together with some toiletries towels and a robe to help them relax and enjoy their stay with you? A welcoming room, as well as some fun ways to keep guests entertained, will be sure to want your guests to come back time and time again. 

Creating the perfect guest room is part of the excitement that comes with decorating your home and making it your own. Whether you have friends or relatives come to stay, it’s wonderful to open up your home and make some great memories with those you love. Enjoy transforming your guest room and making it perfect for your guests.

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